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BuildMyPlays Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam?

 Social media promotion has become the main tool for introducing business in modern realities. Naturally, we are not talking about large corporations with billion-dollar contracts. Their target audience is not watching your Instagram or Tick Tok. But ordinary people like to draw information from social networks. Your target audience likes to be closer to the source.

 Naturally, it is sometimes very difficult to promote an account. You have to use special tools or workarounds. Decide for yourself. You can search for followers for years. And if there are few likes and views on the page, then they will not trust you soon. Or you can find a good website to promote and solve the problem quickly. Is it possible to buy instagram followers cheap?

Do you need promotion on social networks?

 Traditional marketing methods (advertising, email mailing) are gradually losing their effectiveness. In such conditions, companies are looking for and finding new ways to attract an audience and increase their customer base. Social networks have become one of these tools. They have fundamentally changed the way we approach and build personal and business relationships. We can safely say that the emergence of social platforms has had a huge impact on the whole society.

 What is the secret of successful positioning of the company in social networks? It is a mistake to think that it will be enough to surround yourself with the latest technologies and tools. This guy. We still need to understand how to use them in order to:

  • make your personal brand and company brand more visible
  • create and develop personal and professional dating networks
  • build relationships with clients and opinion leaders
  • interact with the audience bilaterally
  • publish and distribute original content that demonstrates your professionalism and competence
  • share links to relevant information that will be useful to customers 
  • communicate with your subscribers and people who support your brand
  • generate new leads and increase sales.

 The reasons are clear to you. Let's look for a place where you can buy views on youtube cheap.

What is BuildMyPlays and what does the service offer?

 BuildMyPlays is an online company providing services for the promotion of social networks. They also offer additional services such as likes, comments, subscribers and downloads, and they can also combine them into complete packages.

 They have a nice website that is easy to navigate and a chat window for instant support. Their prices are lower than those of other companies that we tested. Another nice feature is that they offer a "test drive" where they will give you 50 games for free to see if you like their service.

  • HTTPS - YesThe design is quiet and stylish. The site is decorated in neutral colors, but with taste.There are no unnecessary details.
  • UX/user interface is simple. Navigation on the site is simple. Each section can be found quickly.
  • Positioning s a best buy website of services for promotion
  • Is there any additional functionality – No

 We give a score of 4 out of 5 for the above criteria.

Score: 4/5

How BuildMyPlays works?

 The work on the site is as simple and understandable as possible for each user.

  • When you go to the site, all the necessary information opens up to you.
  • Choose a package with services.
  • Enter your username and email address.
  • You Pay for the selected package.
  • The site itself is intuitive for the user, so there are unlikely to be problems with navigation.
    What type of traffic is provided - real users;
  • The ability to select the volume of ordered traffic - Yes
  • Is there any guarantee - Yes (User Agreement, Individual Refund and Retention Policy)

 We give a score of 5 out of 5 for the above criteria.

Score: 5/5

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BuildMyPlays Pricing


  • Buy Instagram likes. For $9 you will get 200 likes. If you want the maximum package, then you can increase the number of likes. The price will also increase accordingly.
  • Buy Instagram followers. The minimum package costs $17.99. For this money, you can get 500 followers. The maximum package (10000) will cost $159.99.
  • Buy Instagram views. The minimum package of views contains 1000, and it costs $9. The number can be increased.


  • Buy YouTube views. The price starts from $16.99. You can get 1000 views. You will have to pay $269.99 for 25,000 views.
  • Buy YouTube likes. The price starts from $12 for 100 likes. The package can be enlarged.
  • Buy YouTube subscribers. If a minimum package is required, then it costs $30 for 50 subscribers. The maximum is $150 for 300 subscribers.


  • Buy a Spotify of followers. 500 followers costs $14. This is the minimum. The maximum package costs $119 per 10,000 followers.
  • Buy Spotify plays. The package starts from 1000. The price is $12. The maximum amount is 20,000 for $119.


  • Buy Soundcloud plays. For $12, you'll get 5,000. And for $ 79, the number will grow to 10,000.
  • Buy Soundcloud likes. The price starts from $15 for 200 likes.
  • Buy Soundcloud followers. 200 new followers can be obtained for $ 20. For $269, you'll get 5,000 followers.

Is it worth trusting BuildMyPlays?

  • The presence of accounts on review sites - Yes (There is a lot of information about the company itself, its prices and principles of operation on the web)
  • Payment methods - 1 (Card. In our opinion, there are too few payment methods for such a large service)
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page / Contacts / Social media profiles - Yes
  • The possibility of a refund by payment method - Yes
  • Referral - No
  • Registration - Yes (No password needed. Username and email only)

 We give a score of 4 out of 5 for the above criteria.

Score: 4/5

Pros and cons of BuildMyPlays


  • A large number of. Users can use one service to promote all social networks.
  • The ability to choose a package of services. The user chooses how many followers or likes he needs, and how much he can pay.
  • Convenient website and navigation. Even an inexperienced user will understand the site.


  • There are few payment methods. Users have no choice. We need to provide more options.
  •  Sometimes the support service responds slowly. It is not known whether this is too many applications or just a flaw in the company. But it can be difficult for users to contact a specialist.

FAQ about BuildMyPlays

What services does the service provide?

Plaftorma offers to buy likes, views and followers.

Which social networks help promote the service?

Users can use services for Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and other social networks.

What does the price depend on?

The cost of services depends on the social network to be promoted and the number of likes or followers. It's good that the service gives several packages to choose from.

Do we recommend BuildMyPlays?

 In principle, we can recommend the service. Convenient service and high-quality services. Many users speak well about the work of the platform. Of course, like any similar service, BuildMyPlays has drawbacks. But they are not critical. You can work with it. BuildMyPlays provides its services on time and in accordance with promises. They offer all the services necessary to receive social support, including comprehensive offers to save you money.

 They have a good refund policy, but unfortunately we were unable to contact customer support. In general, BuildMyPlays looks like a company that provides what they offer, but it may be difficult for you to talk to them if you have problems with your order.

Overall score: 4/5. This is a good result for a service with similar services.

  • High quality of the services
  • Fast delivery
  • Good reputation
  • Statistics is provided
  • High process in comparison to the other platforms
  • Limited payment options