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SocialWick Review 2023:


  The competition on social media websites is increasing at a rapid pace. Without any growth aids, it is challenging to grow on social media. Growing on social media organically can take years.

  This is where sites like SocialWick come into the picture. When you look at this website, you might start trusting it. However, rather than just believing all the claims of this website, it is better to go through our SocialWick review before deciding whether you should buy Facebook likes or buy Instagram followers from this website or not.


Why should you go for a profile and account boosting service?


  Before we go into the details of SocialWick, it is time to understand why it makes sense to opt for such services.

  You can rapidly grow on social media by opting for profile and account boosting services. Your social metrics, like the number of likes or followers, will also increase. Most websites start delivering your package within 24 to 36 hours. That is why, in the longer run, opting for such a service can save a lot of time.

  Moreover, the minimum order amount for account boosting services is very minimal. Often, it is less than $10. Consequently, you can start by investing a minimal amount of money.

What is Socialwick, and what does it offers?


  SocialWick uses various marketing techniques to help you grow your social media metrics. SocialWick offers followers, likes, views, and so on using such techniques. Not only that, SocialWick claims that it offers you premium quality hosting services at pretty low prices.

  When you look at the homepage of SocialWick, you will realize that it offers you free Instagram likes as well. From the looks of it, it might appear legit. However, it is essential to go through the rest of the review to understand if you should order from SocialWick or opt for another social media boosting service.

   The homepage also states that the website has sold its packages to over 900,000 customers. However, the stats can be easily faked. Consequently, you shouldn’t blindly trust these statistics either.

  As for the offerings, Socialwick offers:

  • Instagram services
  • YouTube services
  • TikTok services
  • Facebook services
  • Spotify services
  • SoundCloud services
  • Pinterest services etc.

  In a nutshell, SocialWick offers you hosting services across many websites. On each of these platforms, it offers you numerous packages to boost various types of metrics.  For example, on Instagram, you can opt for Instagram followers packages, Instagram likes packages, and so on.

  One thing you must pay attention to about SocialWick is that it offers a variety of social media boosting services. However, judging the website based on quality rather than the number of packages is essential. SocialWick states that it uses only high-quality profiles to boost your social metrics. Consequently, the metrics have a better impact on your social media account growth. Since fake accounts are not used, your account is not at risk either.


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How Socialwick Works?


  SocialWick has a really simple interface for ordering the boosting package.

  Step one: click on the package you want to order:

You can directly select the package from the homepage. If you do not find it on the homepage, you can use the navigation bar and the drop-down menus to click on the package you want to order.


  Step two: enter your details.

After selecting the package, you must enter the email address and payment method. If you are using a platform that offers you a username, you must enter that instead of your email.


  Step three: complete the payment.

Once you enter your details and proceed to the next step, you must complete the payment. After that, SocialWick will start working on your package, and you can see the results within 24 to 36 hours.


  By now, most customers might think that Socialwick is a website where you can order account boosting services. However, before you make up your mind, look at the prices and pros and cons below.


Socialwick Prices:


• 100 Instagram followers: $ 1.08

• 100 Youtube subscribers: $ 7.2

• 100 Tiktok followers: $ 1.56

• 100 Twitch followers: $ 1.56

• 100 Twitter followers: $ 2.64

• 100 Pinterest followers: $ 2.4


  Apart from this, Socialwick also offers you to buy Instagram views, buy Instagram followers cheap, buy TikTok views, and many more services across various social media platforms.

   When you try to place the order, Socialwick clearly states that the delivery will start within 24 hours and probably sooner. It also states that you need not share your password with Socialwick to order the package.


Do we recommend Socialwick?


  Socialwick increases your social media metrics. However, when you check its reputation on third-party websites, its delivery experience is not smooth.


  Socialwick has 36 reviews on TrustPilot. A website that claims to serve over 900,000 customers having only 36 reviews, certainly seems shady. Apart from that, the average rating is only 2.8. It means that most customers are not satisfied with Socialwick.


  Scamadviser also states that there are many negative Facebook comments about SocialWick. It means that most customers are not satisfied with SocialWick. There are numerous other more trustworthy and higher engagement alternatives than SocialWick available.



1. Does SocialWick offer free Instagram likes?

  SocialWick only offers free Instagram likes. To gain the same, you have to complete certain tasks. Also, the engagement rate of individuals liking your posts on Instagram is pretty low; therefore, it is difficult to benefit from the same.


2. Has SocialWick served over 900k customers?

SocialWick makes this claim on its home page. However, there is no way to verify the claims.



  Socialwick offers affordable packages. It might boost your social media metrics. However, the delivery experience is not that great. In the longer run, the metrics you post using the packages of Socialwick might not benefit you. So, if you are in two minds regarding Socialwick, it is best to avoid it. Other alternative websites can reliably boost your social media metrics.

Price / Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.0/5

Start time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5

Delivery time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.0/5

Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.0/5

  • Simple interface;
  • Wide variety of boosting services;
  • Affordable packages;
  • Quick delivery.
  • Not for the beginners;
  • Too much information to work with;
  • Not all social media are supported;
  • Inflated delivery claims;
  • Support can be more helpful;
  • Low engagement.