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InstantFamous Review 2023 - Is It Safe or a Scam?

 Social media has become one of the biggest marketing platforms in the world. As a marketer, the more followers you get on your social media platform, the better your brand is known globally. Many people are on social media platforms and cannot spend a day without going through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. On these platforms, the higher number of followers you get, the more people are interested in following your page. People on social media tend to trust a page with more followers than a page with fewer followers; thus, they can easily purchase the product and services you offer on your platform.

The benefits associated with it

 Purchasing a profile and promoting the account enhances your business. Here are some benefits of boosting and promoting your social media account.

Enhanced brand awareness

 Social media marketing is among the most cost-efficient marketing platform. Promoting your account ensures that you have a broad audience of customers interacting with your brand. Most people these days are too busy to visit physical stores; thus, they prefer online shopping. Every shared post is introduced to a new audience and can lure them into getting interested in the product and service offered, thus becoming customers.

Cost of marketing

 As stated earlier, using social media for digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing. In addition, more audiences can be reached globally, unlike the conventional marketing strategy limited to several audiences. You witness a greater return on investment, and the marketing budget cost is reduced by over 50%.

Market Insights

 Through social media, you can interact with your customers one-on-one, and thus you get feedback directly. As a brand, you can learn what most customers want and what should be improved to make the brand better. With more followers, you can incorporate tools that analyze your customers' demography.

What is InstantFamous, and what does it offer?

 InstantFamous is a platform that ensures that individuals and brands acquire real followers on Instagram by offering services that can promote their accounts. With InstantFamous, you can achieve better connections with customers, paid partnerships, and heightened brand awareness, thus, higher sales and profits from your brand.


 When a brand has more followers on Instagram, the number of customers and potential customers increases. Gaining real followers who view your products and services needs patience. The duration of acquiring real followers on Instagram leads some brands to buy fake followers who do not add any substantial gain to the brand. InstantFamous is here to improve engagements and ensure that your posts reach a higher range audience globally.

· HTTPS - Yes
· Design - Good
· UX/UI – The site seems easy to use; however, when you visit the homepage, the “news” page pops up without any warning.
· Positioning - Is it a BestBuy site
· Is there extra functionality –It offers multi-orders

Score: 3/5

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How does InstantFamous work?

 To start working with InstantFamous, you should sign-up with the site. Afterward, carry out research on target accounts with the target customers. The target accounts are those selling similar products and services, the influencers promoting brands like yours, and accounts offering complementary products and services. Forward the accounts to InstantFamous.

Through your account, we shall start liking posts from your forwarded accounts. At least 2-4 posts a day.


 The account owners from whom we liked the posts will most likely grow interested in visiting your account. The users will find similar brands they like from the other accounts, and there is a 50% chance of them following the page. In a month, InstantFamous likes approximately 10,000 photos that can promote your brand. You are allowed to monitor the activities that InstantFamous is carrying out on your account and ensure that we deliver as per the agreement.

Score: 3/5

How Much Does Instantfamous Charge?

 There are different prices charged for various services. First, it depends on the social media platform you want to boost and the number of followers you wish to gain within a given period. On YouTube, it costs $15.94 for 1000+ views. Instagram prices are $17.71 for 500 followers and $5.30 for 100 followers on TikTok.

Is It Worth Trusting Instantfamous?

 InstantFamous will help you generate a broader range of followers that have tastes and preferences aligning with your brands. Working with Instant famous is cost-effective and thus does not strain you financially. However, the platform does not support Instagram Ads. Therefore, you might be limited from making more income.


InstantFamous Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Prices
  • InstantFamous can work with more than one account at a time.
  • You are allowed to monitor the activities InstantFamous carry out.


  • The clients are limited to rapid feedback or inquiries since it does not support chats.
  • Instantfamous is restricted from Instagram Ads.
  • The platform lacks packages for different follower ranges; thus, clients are limited to one option per social media platform.

FAQs About InstantFamous

What is InstantFamous?

 Instantfamous is an online platform that helps brands and individuals expand their following base on social media platforms. InstantFamous ensures that the followers you gain are real and increase the chances of gaining more customers and potential customers by creating brand awareness across the globe.

Is promoting my social media account essential?

 Promoting your social media account ensures that you gain a wide range of followers interested in the products and services you sell. Promoted social media accounts provide a significant interaction between sellers and buyers as you directly converse with the client. This helps you improve your brand to the extent of what most customers prefer.

How many followers will I gain after InstantFamous Engagement?

 The number of followers you gain depends on your social media platform. However, after every month, you will substantially improve the number of followers.

Do we recommend InstantFamous?

 InstantFamous helps you grow your social media platform, thus ensuring you gain more customers and potential customers quickly. The platform is open to many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, where you grow the following base on your social media of choice.


 Within a month of working with InstantFamous, you can notice progress. In case of dissatisfaction, you can get your money back within 30 days. The customer care support team in InstantFamous is excellent, where you get rapid feedback and make any inquiries. The crew on the marketing side also gives you the best advice on acquiring more followers even after the contract is over.


 InstantFamous ensures that the followers you gain are genuine and will generate income and increase your brand's performance.

Overall Score: 3/5


 Social media marketing is the new way of buying and selling products and services. As a brand owner, ensure that your social media platform has active engagements to attract customers from every location. With the help of InstantFamous, you can create excellent brand awareness.

  • Many services
  • Good statistics
  • Appropriate prices
  • Overloaded website
  • Not for the newbies
  • Limited payment options