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Blastup Review 2023: 


  Businesses are actively using social media to increase sales, promote their brand and maintain their company's reputation. Such demand has contributed to the emergence of special services that accelerate the achievement of certain indicators of your company's social media profile. They can be found by such queries in search engines as ‘How to buy Instagram likes, views etc.'. One of these services is Blastup.

  Earlier this service was called Glamblast. Now by typing the address of this site you automatically get to Blastup. The site has little detailed information on how the service works. On the main page they list their services:

  • Buy Instagram likes;

  • Increase views;

  • Get followers;

  • Automated ways to get more likes and views.

  If a user is in doubt, buy cheap like on Instagram or promote their account organic way, Blastup service recommends using the trial version.

  Promoting your page on social media helps you achieve different goals. They are in different areas of your business development:

  • Business goals - increasing sales, and profits, changing your market position through buying automatic likes. 

  • Marketing goals imply changes in audience behavior so that we reach our business goals. They answer the question: how should the target audience change to achieve the business goals?

  • Communication objectives are solved by large outreach, creating a community around the product. They answer the question: what action should the consumer take after contact with the advertisement? 

  • Media objectives are expressed in the format of key indicators, communication channels and other metrics.

  You also need an SMM strategy. SMM strategy is a work plan: publications, integrations, interactions, and organization of activities leading to a common goal. For this purpose, it is recommended to look for the best place to buy Instagram likes. Your strategy should be consistent: every post, every meaningful post, every communication format and even every reply to comments should bring you closer to your goal.


What is Blastup and What Does It Offer?


  Blastup offers automated solutions to boost your page performance. Here you can buy real comments on Instagram and other useful options. Automated subscriber recruitment allows you to gather a large audience in a short period. It's important to understand that with natural promotion, it takes a long time to recruit subscribers.

  If you try to speed up the natural promotion process on your own, Instagram's ever-changing algorithms can count it as spam and impose restrictions.

 The Blastup method of operation takes into account all of Instagram's requirements. When you buy Instagram followers you don't have to worry about the consequences of algorithm checking. The metrics build-up is uniform and safe. On Blastup, you get likes, comments, views, followers and other tools. The purchase can be made in one click. The results are reflected on your Instagram page within minutes or hours. It all depends on the number of purchases. This service frees you from the question of how to build a strategy for Instagram and get more likes.


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How does Blastup Work?


  If you want to use the service and buy likes on Instagram cheap, you should visit On the homepage you will see a list of offers with descriptions. Choose the item you want to buy. Experts recommend buying all kinds of Blastup offers. If you will have 50,000 subscribers, it is logical that 5,000 of them will leave comments on your page. If you will have 100,000 likes, it is logical that such a post will garner a minimum of 30,000 comments. But it's up to each buyer to decide how many. Here we answer the question of the value of service.

  The order is placed in a couple of clicks. Remember to provide the correct link to your Instagram account in the purchase form. After confirming the order, go back to your page and watch its performance improve.


Blastup Prices


  Blastup offers competitive prices for its services. Subscribers can be purchased here starting at $2.99. Each Like will cost you starting at $1.59. Viewers are sold at a similar price. Automatic likes imply a massive increase in numbers. Here, you buy a package of likes at once. The price starts at $9.99.

  To make a purchase, select an option and click on the action button. You do not need to register on the website. The purchase option is available in open mode. Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email notification and purchase receipt within a few minutes.


Pros and Cons


  If you haven't tried this method before, you might have questions about the pros and cons of Blast Up. Let's start with the advantages:

  • User-friendly website interface;

  • Reasonable prices;

  • Clear price plans;

   There are various activities to choose from: automatic or with real users.

   When new users see that you have a lot of followers, likes and comments, they know it's interesting. They decide to become your subscribers too.

  When buying Instagram comments, keep in mind that such services offer two types of metrics: automated actions created by bots or real actions performed by humans. Blastup offers both types of actions on the page.

  There are also some disadvantages to using the service:

   Probably, the platform uses low quality bot traffic, especially when it comes to automatic Instagram likes.

  If the service uses a name similar to Instagram, such actions are removed from the platform. The former name Blastup uses some letters from the platform name. There is therefore a moot point here. The site may not be secure.

  The service has no technical support. This means that if you need help or have questions, no one will answer you.

  The website has a FAQ page with questions from users. But not all questions on the subject of buying comments on Instagram are shown there. You may have questions that are not answered.

  Before making a choice, we recommend that you compare the advantages and disadvantages.


Do We Recommend Blastup?


  When you choose a service to improve the performance of your page, we recommend that you investigate the reviews and experiences of other users. To do this, don't limit yourself to reviews on the service's website. They may be custom written. Do your research on search engine reviews. real users will help you get the full picture.

  Also, pay attention to the service. The service should have an active technical support team. Sites like Blastup usually offer a monthly subscription. In that case, if you have any problems, you will need feedback to help solve them.

  We do not recommend the use of Blastup. Because real user reviews on the internet show that this service can damage your account. If you buy account indicators from Blastup, your page can be blocked for a long time or permanently. No one is responsible for the consequences, as Blastup does not give feedback to contacts. We recommend that you look at other promotion services. There are many blastup counterparts on the web, but they are more reliable.

FAQ about Blastup


1. How many subscribers and likes does it cost to have a page you want to create from scratch?


  It all depends on your goals. Even buying automated services, you need to have a strategy: how fast will you add to the page, and in what time frame? Secondly, you need to consider Instagram's algorithms. If you've created a page today and you have 10,000 people subscribed to it, the verification system will start to scrutinize you. Then it's likely you'll get restricted for some time. So check your actions against Instagram rules.


2. Will my followers and comments stay on my page forever, or will they disappear over time?


  Over time, their number may decrease. In a month or two, there will be 20-30% fewer of them than you bought. If they are real subscribers, likes and comments, they will stay for a long time. They may stay with you forever. It all depends on the quality of the recruiting service. Therefore, before answering the question ‘How to buy Instagram views’, it is recommended to study reviews about each service.




  Blastup is a typical service to speed up the promotion of your Instagram page. Using the service will help improve your performance for a while. But you have to remember that in any case, you have to have your content and the strategy that will lead you to your goal.

  If you want to build your brand's reputation, combine both methods of promotion: in the initial stages a few automatic likes and followers, over time your content should attract more attention from real users.    

  Then your page will start to develop naturally. Be careful when you choose a service provider and study each offer carefully before implementing it on your page.

Price / Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5

Start time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.0/5

Delivery time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐3.0/5

Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5

  • This website offers "get your money back" - friendly payment methods;
  • This website is old.
  • No 24/7 support;
  • FAQ Page in not clear;
  • Low quality bot traffic;
  • The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS;
  • This website has received negative reviews.