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SidesMedia Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam?

 In today’s digital age, the only way you or your business can appear credible is to have a sizable following on any social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and so on. If you have tried growing your following organically, you would know how difficult it is to grow on social media. This is where websites like SidesMedia can help you.


 SidesMedia states that you can rapidly grow on social media by buying boosting packages from it. Our SidesMedia review will find out if this claim is true or if this website is a scam.


Why should you buy a social media account boosting service?

 Social media account boosting services exponentially increase your visibility on social media. Since most websites provide such services and deliver the package in 72 hours, your social media stats will increase quickly. Thus, when you buy a boosting package, you rapidly grow your social media stats, which saves you time, increases visibility, and provides you with a decent ROI.


The only caveat is that you should buy the boosting package from a trustworthy website.


Is SidesMedia such a trustworthy website?


Read our review below to find out.


What is SidesMedia, and what it offers?

 SidesMedia offers real social media services for most social media platforms with a sizeable audience. According to the website, a proprietary growth mechanism is used to help you gain the social media metrics you want. The proprietary mechanism increases the metrics and provides you with engagement and retention.


 The website states since it provides services through real accounts, it is 100% risk-free.


It offers such services for numerous social media platforms like:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Linkedin
  • Soundcloud
  • Reddit
  • And many more

 For each of the social networks, multiple services are offered. For example, for Instagram, you can buy Instagram views, buy Instagram likes, and buy Instagram followers. Similarly, for YouTube, you can buy YouTube subscribes or buy YouTube comments.


 It means when you’re trying to grow on the social media network, SidesMedia offers you multiple services which can help you experience organic growth and increase your metrics uniformly across different data points.


 Very confidently, SidesMedia, on its home page, states that you can experience the next growth with its packages. It repeatedly mentions that it will help you grow your account organically.


 On digging deeper, you will discover not all the accounts utilized to provide such a boost are legit. Many are created with the sole purpose of boosting the metrics of clients. Most social media networks do not count the likes/comments/reviews received from such accounts. Consequently, the benefits you receive from buying a package from SidesMedia are not that significant.


 You might only buy such a boosting package to gain long-term benefits. If SidesMedia doesn’t provide that, you need to consider whether you should opt for such a package.


How Does SidesMedia Work?

SidesMedia has designed its website so that you can order a package in 3 steps.


Step 1: Choose the service

 You will notice different colored buttons on the homepage for respective social networks. Click on the social network button for which you need to order a package.


For example, when you click on the YouTube button, the page which will load up will allow you the option to buy YouTube views, buy YouTube subscribers, buy YouTube likes, and so on.


Click on the exact service package you want to buy, and you can see the pricing and the drop-down menu for different metric quantities.


Step 2: Enter account details

 Once you select the package from the drop-down menu, you can click on the buy now option to enter your account details. The most likely account details you will have to enter would be your username for the social network and your email.


Step 3: Complete payment and wait

 After you proceed to the next step, you can complete the payment using an SSL-encrypted payment network.


Sidesmedia requires you to complete only these three steps to order a package.


 No discussion on ordering a package will be complete without mentioning that sides media repeatedly states that it offers high-quality services, thirty-day refills, and secure guaranteed delivery.


 While these claims can pacify some customers, most people who have been on social media for long know there is no way to verify these claims.


 The prices which sidesmedia offers packages, it is difficult to provide high-quality services. That is why, if you’re planning to buy a package for your main social media profiles, considering the quality of services, it is important to think again.


 The thirty-day refills are also difficult to get since the site offers slow or limited customer support. Even if metrics like likes/subscribers/views are deleted, it is difficult to get in touch with the website's customer support to get a refill.


SidesMedia Prices:

 SidesMedia offers over 50 different packages across social media platforms. The list below consists of the pricing of some of their most popular packages to get an idea of their prices.

  • 100 Youtube Subscribers: $ 29
  • 1000 Youtube Views: $ 13
  • 100 Instagram Followers: $ 2.97
  • 100 Twitter Followers: $ 9.00
  • 10 Google Reviews: $ 75.00
  • 250 Facebook Likes: $ 10

 While buying the package, sidesmedia states that it offers a refill and guaranteed fast delivery. Still, when you scroll on the packages page below, they list down the dangers of buying boosting packages from them. For example, while buying Facebook likes, the dangers state that Facebook conducts regular sweeps, which might remove the likes that you buy.


 This is certainly a red flag you must be aware of while ordering from sidesmedia.

Pros and cons of SidesMedia:


  • Caters to numerous social networks
  • Affordable pricing
  • 3-step ordering process
  • Secure payment gateway


  • Low retention
  • Customer support is slow
  • Might use fake accounts to deliver the metrics 

Best alternatives

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Do we recommend SidesMedia?

 No, SidesMedia does not stick to all the promises it makes when ordering a package. Some of the accounts used to boost your metrics are fake. Apart from that, it directly lists the risks below the package when you’re ordering one. Once you go through them, you will not go ahead with sidesmedia.


Trustpilot thinks SidesMedia profile is a bad fit.


ScamAdviser states the domain registrar used to buy the site is commonly used by scammers. Also, it uses WHOIS protection which is another red flag.


 Considering the red flags, you shouldn’t order from this website. Other websites provide social media boosting packages that are from ledger accounts and have higher retention.



Is SidesMedia legitimate?

 Unfortunately, not because it makes many false claims, due to which their social media boosting services are ineffective. 

Can you use credit cards while buying from SidesMedia?

 SidesMedia allows you to pay using the most popular credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.


 SidesMedia isn’t a trustworthy website for ordering social media boosting packages. In fact, you can put your account at risk by ordering packages from this website. It is best to skip SidesMedia.

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