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YTpals Review 2023:

  YTpals is a service for promoting social network accounts. It is often used to increase views on YouTube. Service designed to help people quickly promote their social networks, channels, profiles. Thus it is possible to gain popularity, to attract the attention of other users to their services, goods, persona. To do this, use attract followers, getting likes, increasing the time and number of views of your videos.

  Such actions as buying subscribers for TikTok or gaining real subscribers for YouTube are useful in terms of social marketing. An account or profile that looks attractive and active is sure to be noticed by the audience, attracting interest. YTpals service allows you to:

    - Attract the attention of the audience to the channel;

    - Become more popular;

    - Reduce the time for promotion, to get a successful start;

    - Make promotion at affordable prices.

What services does YTpals offer?

  With the help of YTpals users can quickly and effectively promote their social networks, channels. For example, buy subscribers for YouTube, gain the right number of hours of viewing for YouTube or buy followers for Soundcloud. The list of offers is diverse, so you can promote almost any popular platform on the Internet here. Some of the most popular platforms for promotion on YTpals include YouTube, TIkTok, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, and Pinterest. 

How does YTpals work?

  Working with the service YTpals is not difficult. All you have to do is perform the following steps:

    1. Go to the official website -

    2. Use the login/register link at the top of the screen.

    3. Authorize through your Google account.

    4. Choose the right plan for promotion.

    5. Pay for services and wait.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES          SERVICES           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT YouTube      4.9 VISIT Instagram      4.8VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

YTpals pricing

  YTpals service offers its users to promote YouTube, TikTok, Soundcloud. Offers for promotion are available in the form of ready packages according to the system of tariffs, presented below:

    1. 1000 views package for YouTube for $40. Includes 1000 views, 50 likes, 100 reposts, 10 comments. 

    2. Package of 2000 views for YouTube for $70. Includes 2000 views, 100 likes, 250 reposts, 20 comments. 

    3. Package of 3000 views for YouTube for $100. Includes 3000 views, 200 likes, 500 reposts, 30 comments.

    4. 4000 views package for YouTube for $130. Includes 4,000 views, 300 likes, 1,000 reposts, 40 comments.

    5. 5000 views package for YouTube for $160. Includes 5,000 views, 400 likes, 2,000 reposts, 50 comments.

    6. Package of 10000 views for YouTube for $290. Includes 10000 views, 1200 likes, 5000 reposts, 100 comments.

 In addition to all-inclusive package deals, you can buy YouTube watch hours and other promotion services on your own.

    - 500 YouTube watch hours - $180

    - 1000 YouTube watch hours - $300

    - 2,000 YouTube watch hours - $450

    - 3000 YouTube watch hours - $550

    - 100 YouTube likes - $13.5

    - 200 YouTube likes - $20

    - 300 YouTube like - $25

    - 600 YouTube likes - $40

    - 500 YouTube reposts - $30

    - 1000 YouTube reposts - $50

    - 2000 YouTube reposts - $80

    - 5000 YouTube reposts - $130

  Also through YTpals order TikTok promotion, for example, to increase the number of likes in TikTok. 

    - 100 TikTok subscribers - $10

    - 500 TikTok subscribers - $15

    - 1000 TikTok subscribers - $25

    - 2,500 TikTok subscribers - $50

    - 100 TikTok likes - $7

    - 50 TikTok likes - $10

    - 1,000 TikTok likes - $15

    - 2500  TikTok likes - $35

    - 100 TikTok views on reposts - $7

    - 500 TikTok views on reposts - $10

    - 1,000 TikTok views on reposts - $15

    - 2,500 TikTok views on reposts - $35

  You can promote your music on Soundcloud on Ytpals, such as buying likes on Soundcloud.

    - 100 Soundcloud subscribers - $15

    - 250  Soundcloud subscribers - $25

    - 500 Soundcloud subscribers - $45

    - 1,000 Soundcloud subscribers - $80

    - 100 SoundCloud likes on downloads - $15

    - 200 SoundCloud likes on downloads - $30

    - 500 SoundCloud likes on downloads - $45

    - 1,00 SoundCloud likes on downloads - $80

    - 100 SoundCloud plays - $10

    - 200 SoundCloud plays - $15

    - 500 SoundCloud plays - $30

    - 1000 SoundCloud plays - $45


Pros and cons of Ytpals

Pros of the service:

    1. A lot of social networks and sites available for promotion. Abundance of rates to choose from.

    2. Friendly and 24/7 support service.

    3. Safe payment and warranty.

The Cons of the service are:

    1. Low quality of service. The service uses a system of mutual aid between members. This leads to the fact that over time, indicators on the promoted account falls and activity stops.

    2. There are risks of blocking the account due to sudden bursts of activity, which is against the rules of services and raises suspicion of using bots.

    3. There is a considerable amount of feedback from users on the net who have a low opinion of cooperation with YTpals and consider the site to be a fraudulent one.

Do we recommend to use YTpals?

  There are a number of obvious questions regarding the YTpals service: how safe and legal is its use? If you look at the reviews from reputable sources, you get the following picture.  According to Trustpilot YTpals deserves a rating of 4.7 on a five-point system.

  •   Overall the rating of YTpals is high, but we would not recommend this service. It is highly probable that the reviews are of a commissioned nature due to the presence of numerous evaluations by users with a negative opinion and suspicion of fraud on other reviewers.

Alternative services 


  One of the top SMM panels to consider using is Views.Biz. One of the most bought services on the platform is YouTube services (likes,  views, comments, etc.). When you get YouTube services form Views.Biz you get:

  • refund guarantee

  • safe and secure payment methods

  • quality services (Views.Biz has been on the market for several years now)

  • YouTube services are affordable - start from $3.20

  • user-friendly design and easy web page navigation
  • Positive reviews for the services (Views.Biz has 4.5/5 on Trustpilot) 


  Here you can buy cheap views, likes, subscribers and other services. The service also provides a coupon for a 20% discount on your order.


  The vast majority of users also choose Viewsta as a great alternative.  One of the best services they offer is for Instagram and Twitter. Why is Viewsta considered to be a good alternative? Viewsta’s services have a high rate on Trustpilot (4.6). You’ll get to see important details about an offer you’d like to pick in 1 card or in a line. 


  As you can see the interface is pretty user-friendly and eye pleasing. Moreover, on Viewsta the pricing for the services, especially for Instagram, is very affordable and cheap in comparison with other SMM panels. Viewsta doesn’t use any bot activity, and all of the activity that their customers received was from real people. Also, the prices for the services start from $1 which is pretty cheap for Instagram. Service offers to buy cheap Instagram views, likes and followers. 


  To buy Instagram services turn to the help of Tube.Biz. Users buy Instagram subscribers, views and likes and improve their account activity on the platform. How to get subscribers on Instagram? Choose the services of Tube.Biz. This service offers to followers, likes and views with a guarantee.

Tube.Biz offers:

  • Fast and guaranteed services;

  • Cheap services (prices are from $1)  that are of high quality;

  • Easy navigation through the page;

  • Rating of 4.4/5 on Trustpilot;

  • High retention and GEO targeted services;

  • Promotion details can be customized;

  • Real people activity;

  • 100% confidentiality of your data.


  This SMM panel is another alternative. Users usually tend to buy YouTube services from the page: likes, followers, and views. The source has 4/5 in rate on Trustpilot and as previous panels have a lot of positive reviews.

SMO.Plus offers YouTube Views, subscribers and likes fast and cheap. With SMO.Plus becoming popular on YouTube is very easy:

  • Affordable services and free trials;

  • Referral programs and the ability earn money and receive free services;

  • Real users activity;

  • Quick services;

  • Getting services without registering;

  • Your personal data will remain safe;

  • The price for YouTube services start from $1.00.

FAQ's about YTpals

1. How safe is it to promote through YTpals?

  Over 300,000 users trust the service. We use the latest encryption and encryption technologies.

2. How well does it work to promote through YTpals?

  The service takes into account security policies and rules when working with other people's accounts. Blocking for cheating is excluded.

3. How do you can check the quality of YTpals services?

  QQtube have a lot of positive reviews on such platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Also, you can try a free plan for testing.

4. How fast will your request be fulfilled?

  On average, a customer's order is fulfilled within 72 hours. Usually faster. If there is no load, then within 24 hours.


  Promoting social media accounts, channels is associated with a lot of risk. You need to be sure of the sources of promotion, the legality and safety of the services offered. In the case of YTpals there is a negative picture: deception of users, the low quality of promotion services, the likelihood of blocking accounts artificially high rating. It is impossible to claim that YTpals is safe, reliable. We recommend looking for another service for promotion that is trustworthy and has a proper reputation.

Price / Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.0/5

Start time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.0/5

Delivery time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5

Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2.5/5

  • Free trial;
  • Easy to use.
  • No 24/7 customer support;
  • Bot traffic;
  • Small range of services;
  • High prices.