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BuyInstagramFollowers Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam? is a website that offers to increase the number of followers on Instagram for a price. This service is available through their website, as well as through their apps for both Android and IOS. It is even possible to purchase other services such as boost and comment boosting depending on your needs. offers a variety of options to increase your social media presence. guarantees their service, and will refund you your money if you are not completely satisfied with the outcome of your purchase.

How Works

 The website itself is quite simple to navigate and it is easy to find the option you are looking for. Users can access several different options through the website at any given time. They all offer a variety of packages that users can choose from for purchase. There are not many reviews posted on their website but none are required, as all of their customers' feedback speaks for itself. Through the different tools that they provide, it is easy to see how buying followers will benefit your business in the long run.

What does BuyInstagramFollowers offer? offers a variety of different packages to increase their customer's following on Instagram. They offer packages for followers, Liking, Comment and video views. This service is convenient for any business that is looking to have the best online presence possible. Users can choose from the following: unique customer support, fast delivery, quality guarantee and they accept PayPal as a payment option. Pricing

 The prices that provides are very reasonable, especially for the quality of followers which the website offers. They offer an option for everyone, regardless of your budget. Their prices range from $6 for 500 real followers and $11 for 1,000. Additionally, they also provide packages such as "Wow 5000" and "Wow 10,000" which offer a great value in comparison with the price you pay. Through this website it is easy to see how many visitors your post can get quickly and easily over time.

Pros and cons of the site service BuyInstagramFollowers


  • The most affordable prices

The social media service provided by this website is very affordable. There are many packages which allow you to get the followers that you need in a very short amount of time at an affordable price.

  • The quality of followers

The quality of the followers that offers is very high. They offer a variety of packages for every budget and every amount of followers that people need on Instagram, it is hard to find a better website for following people on social media.

  • The growing popularity

The marketing strategy used by this website is working because it has been making users more popular through their Instagram posts quickly and easily over time by providing a great service without compromising quality or reliability at an affordable price.

  • The ease of use

Buying followers from the website is very easy. They offer a wide variety of packages which are suitable for many different people and there are many different options to choose from.


  • There are no reviews on the site about the company

There were not any reviews posted on how well or how poorly the company performed when it came to fulfilling orders or quality of followers, which could be a concern for some people looking to purchase followers through them.

  • Less selection in packages

Although there are many different packages, they all seem to cost similar prices with few options in between them and most of the options they do provide can be found through other websites too.

  • Low accountability

It is hard to know if the followers you purchased were actually delivered because they did not require any form of tracking file.

  • Lack of transparency

The company does not provide a minimum or maximum amount of followers that can be purchased through them, which makes it difficult to predict how much your post will increase in numbers through their service so far.

  • Lack of availability on App Store and Google Play Store

The application can only be found from their website, this makes it harder for people to find one specific app that provides a greater value than others without discovering them all first.

FAQ about

1. How many Instagram followers should I buy?

That depends on the number of followers you have, as well as your budget. It is best to buy a small amount of followers at first and see how they perform. Then you can order more if you are satisfied with the results it provided.

2. Is it safe to buy Followers?

Yes, it is completely safe to purchase followers through and any other site that offers similar services online because it has been proven that they work without any negative consequences and they have been used by many different companies before.

3. Do they have an app for Instagram?

Yes, this site offers an application that is available for both Android and IOS users to get followers quickly and easily through their phone.

4. What is the process of ordering?

You begin by selecting the package that you want to order and then providing your payment method, a tracking number will be provided once there has been a problem with your payment. When it has been processed you will receive your followers within 24 hours as soon as possible depending on the time zones between yourself and their servers.

5. Does the company provide real followers or bot services?

The company sells only real followers to ensure that the amount of people following your account is increasing as much as possible and by selling real followers you can be sure that it will happen.

6. Is it free?

At the moment, there is no free plan to follow websites or brands on Instagram but when a free plan will be offered you will be notified via email.

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 The website works at an affordable price and provides a variety of different packages for everyone, regardless of your budget. They offer enough options for everyone to find the followers that they need on the website. This company is working hard to expand and this expansion is happening through their marketing strategy which is increasing the popularity of their business in a very short amount of time on Instagram without sacrificing quality or reliability when it comes to providing a good service. The site offers a wide variety of packages which are very affordable, you can also have other sites help you promote your post by paying them through BuyInstagramFollowers.

  • Fast effect
  • A huge variety of services
  • Good conditions for the customers
  • High prices
  • The main focus is on Instagram, so the services for the other platforms might be less effective