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Min deposit: 10
Free trial
Payment methods: Credit Card / Bitcoin

QQTube is an online service for YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud, TikTok, Twitch. It offers likes, subscribers, views, comments, watch hours, shares and many other social media reactions. Alos, it has a catchy name. 

This article describes actions available on the platform and assesses the convenience of the service from registration to statistics.


The registration process is really easy. 

QQTube Registration

You can create an account to start using this service in 3 minutes. Create a name, enter a valid email, create a password and activate your account after. 

QQTube doesn`t require any specific information about you. 

Services for YouTube

Like other websites, QQTube also has a wide range of options for YouTube. YouTube views can be GEO targeted, with different retention, and speed. Each service has a description which is very convenient. I would recommend adding filters so that users could find the service they are interested in faster. Most of the options for YouTube views, likes and comments are with instant start. 

The prices are shown per 1000 views and start at $2,50. For GEO targeted views you can choose from more than 30 countries. 

Pay attention to refill and refund options as they are different for some services.

QQTube YouTube Services

QQTube also offers:

followers and repins for Pinterest;
followers, plays, likes and reposts for Soundcloud; 
views, likes, followers for TikTok; 
live stream views, viewers, followers for Twitch; 
likes for Vimeo. 

Payment methods

Before you place an order you need to deposit funds for your account. The minimum deposit is $10. Payment methods are limited to credit cards and bitcoins, a cryptocurrency with a 5% bonus for the last one. 

QQTube Payment methods

Placing an order

To place an order press New Order button on the left. The navigation bar on this website is really easy to use. After that, you select a platform and service you want to add. You can read a description again to make sure you understand what you order. 

The next step is to select the number of views you want to buy. In the Total cost line, you see the price for services. 

Insert the link to your video or profile as shown in the example. You can make an order for multiple links when enabling multi-add. 

Make an Order

Free trial services

A great thing is that you can try QQTube services first. They offer 1k YouTube views for free.

Free Trial Services

You can only try them once. QQTube has a strict policy for frauds. 


QQTube has a Support page where you can first read FAQ`s and if you still have a question you can send a ticket request to the support team. 

Video metrics before and after

The statistics started to change in 5 minutes after order placement. It took less than 24 hours to add 1K Worldwide views to the video. The number changed from 1,821 to 3,181. 

Video metrics before and after

However, in the channel statistics, the number of views was 2,939. The main traffic sources are YouTube advertising and YouTube recommendations. 

QQtube YouTube Sources

YouTube Statistics

The geography of the views didn`t change from what was before: with Russia and Indonesia being the dominant countries for views. 


QQTube is a reliable service for online promotion. Prices are not higher than on other websites and the quality of YouTube views is worthy.

The website is easy to use and I had a satisfactory experience within it. 

QQTube review verdict 4,9/5

Price / Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4,5/5

Start time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Delivery time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5/5

Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

  • Cheap service, real people
  • Supports Scaling of Purchases
  • Support
  • Big amount of payment methods and other
  • Long wait for the customer support
  • Free orders are only available after first purchase
  • Low viewing stability