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I Buy Fans
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What is a social media promotion?

 From the beginning of 21’st century social media sites became one of the biggest everyday

influencers. It seems that everyone is obsessed with the opportunity to achieve fame and

popularity that can be gained with the proper use of social media. Businessmen are using

Twitter, YouTube, VK, TikTok and many other platforms to promote their own services and

goods. This may sound difficult and complicated, but actually marketing in social media is a

piece of cake, because it is a lot cheaper and more effective, than an advertisement on

television, radio and other old-school media. Moreover, the internet breaks any territorial

borders, so you can be sure that your content would be seen from any corner of the world.

 A lot of new people are wondering about social promotion online, like buying instagram likes,

facebook views and so on. The only issue is that sites are quite overcrowded with an

extremely high level of competition. Some of the new companies get lost online and their

business and content stays unnoticed. To solve the problem, influencers and content makers

must use the professional online marketing sites to buy TikTok followers and views, youtube

comments and everything else. These companies provide you help to take an another step

in online media.

Why You must buy the online promotion services?

 Media like listed above aren’t just sites for posting funny videos and commenting on pictures, it's

a powerful platform to promote your business. Promotion sites can offer you a lot of various ways

to spread your goods and services: witter, facebook, vk, instagram tiktok likes, youtube watching time and many-many other. Social media users can promote their content at a fine price from

sites like the one we are going to talk about today - ibuyfans.com. Let’s see if this site can help

you to get more famous across the web.

What is Ibuyfans and what does the service offer?

 Let’s get a quick overview on this site and see, is it trustworthy enough. This site is a

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus specialized social media promotion platform,

that offers you to buy. Moreover, the site offers you even the promotion of your Android and IOS

apps, and that is something specific and rare in a promotion market, we should write it down.

 Giving you a very good first impression, pretty detailed with good UI design, a lot of

windows, including FAQ, a lot of detailed information and even some articles about social

media promotion. Ibuyfans also contains a blog, several pages of the site’s policy, but there

is no page for reviews, and unfortunately, an amount of “сontact us” information is

disappointing, all the site offers is just an email and an address of their company, at the

  Netherlands, no any persons to contact with are mentioned, just as no phone numbers.

  Because Ibuyfans lacks information about feedback, reviews, but pretty detalized, we can

give it 3 scores out of 5.

Score: 3/5

How Ibuyfans works

 Now we should describe the principles of the site’s work. To buy their services, all you need

is just to choose the needed promotion service, write your social media account ID and

proceed to payement. There is no registration, confirmation, or any ways to get an account

here, and this doesn’t gain our trust at the moment. The amount of ways to contact the

company only strongers our suspicions, and more to say, they have no refund for their

services, as it is written in their return policy.

  Such untrustworthy service offering gets only 1 out of five scores at our review.

Score: 1/5

Ibuyfans Pricing

 Now we should take a peek at the service price list and discuss them. The site offers you a

promotion for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus. The prices varies from platform

to platform and type of promotion, so, an uncertain amount of twitter retweets for a single

post would cost you only $2.00, $12.50 for a US-only users and a $5.00 for a likes. The site

provides likes, retweets, and views only from real users. The IOS app downloads price is

quite high, $210, and $185 for Android.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT
Views.biz YouTube      4.9 VISIT
Tube.biz Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

Should you trust TweetAngels?

 After that, we may decide the service’s trustworthiness.

  • The site has now review article, so all we have to deal with, is the reviews from other


  • You can buy the services using BTC and ETH crypto-wallet options, Blueue, Visa,
  • Mastercard and Discover, which gives you a plenty of options to choose from.
  • There is a pretty big FAQ page, where you will definitely find and answer on any

bothering question.

  • No registration on Ibuyfans, so no guarantees are given about the safe and secure of

the service.

 When it comes to trustworthiness of Ibuyfans, we can’t rank it more, than 2 out of 5.

Score: 2/5

There are a couple well-to-see things that wee can direct to the site’s pros and cons weight them.


The site offers your a lot of variable content

The traffic is the real users, which is very good in terms of gaining fame of your


Very low prices for some of the services.

Good looking UI


No registration, confirmation and ways to make an account at all.

No any refund program.

Doubtful feedback.

No review page.

Questions about Ibuyfans.

1. Is TweetAngels safe to use?

 No guarantees are given speaking about the site’s safety that the site is 100% safe

and secure. However, you don’t share anything but an account ID and email, but

you should be cautious and not give your personal email to prevent spam


2. Are there any free services for new customers or any special kinds of offers, like a referral program?

 Well, yes, they have a well-described referral program, that gives you discount

coupons after inviting a friend.

3. Is Ibuyfans true or fake?

 The site offers the customer several promotion ways, like instagram followers,

facebook likes or youtube views. This, in the aggregate with suspicious things

we’ve mentioned earlier, puts TweetAngels into an undefined state between real

and fake sites.

Do we recommend Ibuyfans?

 Concluding everything above, we totally do not recommend you Ibuyfans, and not only

because it lacks feedback, reviews, Ibuyfans has a poor rating on Trustpilot, only 2. out

of 5, disappointing...

 It's very important to check reviews on a different sites beforehand when it comes to the

buying promotion on social media.

 Mostly, Ibuyfans has a really bad rating, most of them are 1-star, which can’t gain

neither our trust, nor our money for the services.

We are responsible for our articles so we can’t recommend Ibuyfans, to secure you from

internet deceive.

  Ibuyfans gets only 1 out of 5 in our score, and the only thing preventing it from 0 is only

because it has a lot of detailed information and a good design.

Overall score: 1/5

  • This website offers payment methods which offer a "money back services"
  • Online shopping features were detected (use our shopping scam checklist)
  • We found a valid SSL certificate (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • The site has been set-up several years ago
  • DNSFilter labels this site as safe
  • Checked for malware and phishing by Flashstart
  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS
  • The Tranco rank (how much traffic) is rather low
  • This company seems to sell online social media fans & followers
  • This website has been voted to be a scam on Scamadviser
  • We discovered mainly negative reviews for this site