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 Nowadays social media sites have become one of the most notable influencers on our lives. Everyone seems obsessed with Twitter, Instagram, and especially, YouTube, and doing their best to earn more likes, subscribers and shares. Businessmen are using social media sites as the business platforms to promote their goods and services. Social media marketing is not hard, it doesn't involve a big budget, the promotion on the internet is way cheaper and more effective, than on radio or television. So, a lot of new people are wondering about promoting an account, like buying Instagram likes, YouTube subscribers, Twitter shares and so on. The problem is that social media sites are quite overcrowded with a high competition level, where a lot of content makers can easily get lost online. To stay aside from masses of other unnoticed people, to reach the desired heights, interested users must use the special online marketing services to buy YouTube comments, Facebook followers, TikTok views and a lot of other offers to become popular. Social media promotion companies offer a help to the clients to take a first step on a road of online fame or multiply an existing auditory.

Why do You need to buy social promotion?

 Social media sites are much more than sites to share food pictures, messages and meme-videos; they are a powerful platform for promotion of yourself, your goods and services. Promotion services offer a lot of different options to make you more popular across the web: TikTok likes, Twitter followers, YouTube views and many-many others. Content makers and just interested users can easily promote themselves at affordable prices. Reach the desired top lists with a social media promotion!

What is is a site, selling a promotion via a lot of platforms, but mostly they are specialized on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, a rare platform on a promotion sites. After a first visit you will see a very good-looking user interface, the design is very fine, with animated elements, HTTPS, and good-looking gradient colors. There are also a couple of promises on a main page:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Full API Integration
  • Accept Payments with Paypal And Others (others what?)
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee

 The site gives us almost a perfect first impression, a good design and a big amount of services. There is even a LIVE chat support. So after all, we give it a 4 out of 5 score for visual impression.
Score: 4/5

How does work?

 Yes, the site looks good, but let’s see how it actually works, how to buy their promotion services and see the issues here.
  The process is not as nice as the UI:

  • Go to the site Sign up with your email (there is no confirmation, so we recommend you to use a fake ‘imaginary’ email). When you register, you move to a completely different site, with no main page, not-working articles like FAQ, and no way to return to the previous version, only by log-out.
  • Fill an inner balance on the site (They accept Visa, Paypal, Mastercard and crypto-currencies).
  • Choose the needed promotion package and pay for it using balance.

 Well, it is very unsafe to use an inner wallet on a site, especially with commissions on fill. Moreover, the must-have registration is often a bad sign of a scam site. With a weird appearance of the site after signing in in addition to previous suspicious things, the can gain no more than a 1 out of five!

Score: 1/5 pricing.

 Here we shall take a look at the offered promotion services on The amount of offerings is enormous, so we will give you some examples of prices  advertises.

  • Instagram real followers: $0.3 for 1000 followers.
  • YouTube likes: $0.43 for 1000 likes.

  • TikTok live views: $14.85 per 1000.

  An extremely cheap and unproportional price, if we compare with the price-list on other promotion sites. It seems that not many of them are going to have at least a small impact on your internet fame. It is simply the most ‘pocket-friendly’ site you’ll ever encounter.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT YouTube      4.9 VISIT Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

Should you trust

 Despite the strange prices and inner wallet, let's not be judjy and move to the next part. We should see what other users think about There is no review page on the site, which is sad, but that is not a big problem, as we can see the Trustpilot rating and other reviews.

 However, the Trustpilot page is blocked, and reviews on other sites are mixed, most of the ratings are about 3.5 scores out of five, and this leaves us very confused. Moving on, we don’t have any “contact us” page, which makes the process of guaranteed return quite difficult, and we should also mention that LIVE chat is not actually alive, leaving us without an answer.  There is, however, a detailed FAQ with plenty of questions answered. 

  After that, we can’t rate the trustworthiness more than 1 score out of 5.

Score: 1/5

Continuing, let’s summarize the pros and cons of, and that is the easiest part.


  • Good user Interface.
  • The site offers only real users, no bots.


  • Almost no online reviewsl.
  • Suspicious payment methods.
  • Must-have registration.

Questions about

1. Is safe to use?

 Mostly not. On sites like this, you can never be sure if it is a scam or not, you’d better not leave your personal data until you are 100% sure about the site’s safety.

2. Are there any free services or referral programs?

 There are no special programs for new users or any referral sales. And most possible, they are not even planned.

3. Is true or fake?

 A strange mix of reviews, suspicious need for registration, inner wallet and many other untrustworthy things puts the site in an uncertain state between true and fake .

Do we recommend

  After the final review, we can not recommend this site to you, it has a lot of strange elements, and there are a lot more better alternatives for social media promotion.

Final score: 1/5.

  • Live customer support
  • Different payment methods
  • Easy start
  • High prices
  • Requires some experience while using