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Min deposit: $77.00
Has no API
Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal.

Omari MC Review 2023:

  Omari MC is an independent music promotion and marketing agency for YouTube, Spotify, social media and more. However, before you start working with them, you need to learn about them in detail.

  Do they really have effective marketing and are they fulfilling their obligations to customers? Or should I ignore them and go to others? To answer these questions, we will describe in detail the features, pros and cons of their company. We will also conclude whether it is worth using their services.

Why Music Promotion Is Necessary?

  Music is business. Like any other business, it also needs marketing. There are many platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Facebook where you can post your songs and music.

  Promotion services are ordered if the musician does not have time to understand all the intricacies of marketing. It is also a very painstaking process, because it requires a lot of time, knowledge and skills. No wonder marketers have such a good salary. It depends on their skills whether the musician becomes popular or remains unknown to anyone.

What does Omari MC offer?

  Their website immediately greets us with their services. They are involved in promotion, marketing and coaching. In the upper part of the site, you can select a specific service. They offer:

  • Promotion in TikTok, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, radio;
  • Instagram Ads promotion and Instagram ads;
  • Promotion of podcasts;
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Music promotion of NFT;
  • Optimization of subscribers on YouTube;
  • Website design and optimization;
  • Audio mixing and mastering;
  • Press releases.

  Additionally, on their website you can take courses, download e-books about the music business. They sell NFTs and sounds. The agency also provides an opportunity to hire singers, vocalists, songwriters, musicians and vocal coaches.


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How Omari MC Works

  The service promotes music and songs in two ways:

  • Playlists - they put your track in one of their playlists. This increases the likelihood that listeners will be able to find your music.
  • Advertising companies - the agency conducts advertising on social networks individually for the client to increase coverage.

  To get started with Omari MC:

  • First you need to go to their website;
  • Next, create an account. The "SIGN UP" button is located in the header of the site in the "HOME" section;
  • Then in the top page of the site you need to select a service;
  • Click on the button with a shopping cart next to it;
  • We indicate what specific service we want and select the quantity;
  • We put all the necessary checkboxes;
  • If you have already registered, then you do not need to indicate your name and email;
  • Choose a payment method and pay.

  There are only two payment methods on the site: using a credit / debit card or via PayPal.

Omari MC Prices

  Since there are many services on the site, their prices vary greatly. The cheapest option is $77 for optimizing an uploaded YouTube video.

Promotion options are divided into several levels:

  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Emerald;
  • Diamond.

  The higher the level of the variant, the higher the cost and the number of plays received. But the number of auditions, for example, for the Bronze level differs depending on the platform. For $77 on Spotify you get 0.5-5 thousand plays per 1 track, and for the same money on YouTube you get 2-5 thousand.

  For website optimization, the price will be $697-1797. For some services, the price is negotiable, so it is not known what price will be for this or that service.

 Do we recommend Omari MC?

  We would not recommend using the Omari MC service for several reasons.

And that's why:

- Website poorly designed

On the website of the agency it is not clear where it is located. It is difficult to find contacts and answers to questions. Because of this, some users will find it difficult to navigate the site.

- Long wait for service

The execution time of each service is unknown. And very often you have to wait more than a few days in order to see the result. It takes a long time to receive a response from support To get an answer to any question, you have to write to e-mail, since you can call the phone if you are already ready to pay for the service. And the wait can take from several hours to several days.

- Above market prices

  If you learn more about competitors, it turns out that Omari MC prices are higher than market prices. That is, customers have to overpay for the same service, although they could save. And with the money saved, you could buy a lot more plays, subscribers, etc.

- Music is placed in playlists not by genre

  One of the ways to promote is playlists including Spotify playlist, in which the client's music is placed. However, music is not always placed according to its genre. One client wrote: “The hip hop track that I had promoted with Omari is dark and gritty (both production and lyricism), so to have it placed in “Chill Music 2020” had me scratching my head.”

FAQ about Omari MC

1. How to contact Omari MC support?

  To do this, you need to find contacts on the site. They are located at the top of the site in the "HOME" section. You need to point to this section and click on the "CONTACT" button. Next, you need to call their phone, or send a message by email. In the application, when sending by mail, you must specify the name, your email, the subject of the question and the message.

2. Is Omari MC safe?

  Despite its shortcomings, the service is quite reliable. Therefore, it can be used if you are ready to close your eyes to all the cons.

3. Do I need to register on the site?

  It's not obligatory. However, you will still have to fill in the forms on the site with your email address and name.

4. How many vocalists, songwriters and music writers work with Omari MC?

  Their number is unknown. Only two vocalists are known to work with the service. Basically, the agency recommends finding people to create music and songs on freelance exchanges.


  Due to the fact that this service is a raw product with high prices, we would not recommend it. This is due to the fact that the music goes to inappropriate playlists. Because of this, popularity among fans of a particular genre will be low. Also, service support is not trustworthy, as sometimes it can ignore a potential client. If you need to promote your music, then you should look for similar services.

Price / Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2.5/5

Start time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5

Delivery time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐3.5/5

Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.5/5

  • Lots of services;
  • Several years of work in the market.
  • The site is poorly designed;
  • Long wait for service;
  • It takes a long time to receive a response from support;
  • Above market prices;
  • No refund;
  • Music is placed in playlists not by genre.