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Songlifty Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or A Scam?

The music industry is gradually growing, with many new and current music artists trying to find a way to make music and promote it. Music marketing can be challenging, especially for new people in the music industry. Social media has provided a platform where new and current music artists can showcase their talents by making music videos and audio and posting them on social media platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

 Social media promotion services have thus come up with a solution to give new and current artists who want to grow their fan base by allowing artists on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Instagram to buy followers, likes, views, and subscribers. They help you promote your music on all these platforms at a small fee, depending on the number of services you want.

One of the best promotion services is Songlifty, which allows users to buy, followers, likes, views, and subscribers at an affordable price.

Why should you order promotion services for your account?

 Making use of social media promotion services can be of benefit to you because of the following reasons.

1. Increases your popularity

 If you buy followers, views, likes, and subscribers for your Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, or Spotify account, your overall engagement will increase; thus, your popularity on the music platforms will increase.

2. Get noticed by music labels

 When you buy followers, views, likes, and subscribers for your Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, or Instagram account, you will be seen that you have many fans who love your music. Many record label companies will want to contact you and work with you.

3. Fan base growth

 More fans will listen to your music when you buy more followers, likes, views, and subscribers. The more people listen to your music, the larger your fan base.

4. Saves on time

 Music promotion can be pretty tedious. Buying followers, likes, views, and subscribers can help keep the amount of time you would use promoting your music through making more music.

What is Songlifty, and what does the service offer?

 Songlifty is an SMM panel that allows users to buy followers, likes, views, and subscriptions on various social media music promotion and listening platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Instagram. They mainly specialize in music production and promotion.

Songlifty aims to ensure that customers receive the best results when they buy followers, likes, views, and subscribers on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

 The dashboard of Songlifty is easy to navigate since things seem to be efficiently designed with good instructions.

 The mobile responsive customer review of Songlifty effectively ensures that potential customers see other customers' experiences without bias.

 The design of the website is not expensive or cheap. This has helped customers to feel free to use the website.

 Songlifty's menu and privacy policies clearly show that privacy is encrypted. This ensures that the confidentiality of the user is maintained. 


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How does Songlifty work?

 The registration process for Songlifty is quite simple.

1.  Go to and identify the signup tab.

2.  Fill in your details, a valid email, and a password.

3.  Add your payment method, a credit card or debit card.

4.  Put your order in the cart.

5.  Place your order

6.  You will get a confirmation email for the order placed. You can also track how far your charges are.

 Songlifty provides real traffic to users who want to buy followers, likes, views, and subscribers to their social media platform.

 Songlifty permits users to pick the number of services they want. The amount varies from 400-10000 views, likes, followers, or subscribers. Songlifty guarantees a refill of orders within 72 hours. 

Score: 4/5

Songlifty pricing

 The prices in Songlifty depend on the type of service you want and the platform you want to buy followers for. The below prices have been rated per 1000 services.


  • 1000 views 11.20$

  • 1000 subscribers 98$

  • 1000 likes 40$


  • 1000 plays 4$

  • 1000 followers 10$

  • 1000 saves 3$


  • 1000 plays 1.35$

  • 1000 saves 15$

  • 1000 followers 10$

  • 1000 likes 10$


  • 1000 likes 25$

  • 1000 followers 41$

Is it worth trusting Songlifty?

 Yes, it is worth trusting because of the many positive reviews online from customers who say that their orders were delivered to them without fail.

 Songlifty has a good reputation since there is a security of payments and information given to them by customers.

 Songlifty can be trusted because they allow refunds for orders canceled by customers.

The signup process is also relatively easy with Songlifty. There are no bugs that prevent the user from signing up. The process is also detailed and fast.

 Songlifty allows credit card and debit card payment options. This might not be enough, especially for people who only use PayPal.

 The FAQs page is also quite informative, answering some of the customers' most important questions. This provides a lot of trust between the website and its customers. Based on the trustworthiness of Songlifty, we give a score of 4/5 in this block.

Pros and Cons of Songlifty.


  • They have a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Good customer care services.

  • Fast delivery of orders.

  • They allow refunds for canceled orders.


  • Very high prices.

  • They do not allow multi-orders.

FAQs about Songlifty

What type of services does Songlifty provide?

 Songlifty allows users to buy followers, likes, views, and subscribers on music platforms like Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Does Songlifty offer refunds?

 YES, Songlifty offers refunds for canceled orders.

What are the prices of Songlifty services?

 Songlifty prices range from 4$-50$ depending on the type of services you want.

What type of traffic does Songlifty provide?

 Songlifty provides real traffic.

Do we recommend Songlifty?

 Yes, we recommend Songlifty to anyone in the music industry who wants to grow their fan base by buying followers, likes, views, and subscribers on the music platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube. They have a good reputation among customers and preserve customers' privacy through their end-to-end encryption of information and data. We can confidently say that Songlifty is real. 

Overall Score: 4/5

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