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YouMeviral Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam?

 Now every developed business is talking about promotion in social networks. Of course, life is changing, and most of the audience has switched to social networks. According to statistics, 80% of people log into social networks every day. Social media promotion is an effective and fast way to interact with the target audience. If you want to run a successful business in the 21st century, then you need to think about how to competently promote social networks and where to buy instagram followers cheap.

Do you need to promote your social networks?

 This type of marketing is very popular all over the world. In some cases, where it is impossible to unambiguously set up targeted advertising to attract new b2b customers, social networks raise confidence in companies. There will always be an audience who will find a section with social networks on the site and go to them to check the activity of the company. The platforms show that the company exists and is developing, it also helps to attract new employees and keep in touch with existing customers.

 Nowadays, social networks are suitable for everyone, even if you sell concrete pipes for large enterprises. SMM services are often used by various masters who offer hairdressing services or manicure, as well as fitness centers, coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons, schools with training courses and so on. The services of people who make something with their own hands are very popular. This can be sewing clothes/bags, knitting, designer postcards, sketchbooks or drawing. As a rule, the demand for such types of goods and services is very high.

 In general, this list is divided into several categories:

  • Service market (ateliers, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, rentals, etc.);
  • Commodity market (shoes, clothing, jewelry, food, hand made);
  • Specialist market (photographers, hairdressers, tutors, doctors and so on);
  • B2B segment (services or goods offered by one manufacturer for another business).

 If you fit one of these categories, then you can safely use SMM to promote your product. If you are in doubt, then you should not spend money ahead of time. Perhaps another type of marketing will suit you.

What is YouMeviral and what does the service offer?

 YouMeviral is a modern platform that offers services for the promotion of social networks. First. What should be noted is the promotion of accounts in various social networks. Users can choose one service and get likes or subscribers for all social networks at once.

 The service itself claims to provide only live and active followers. As a rule, likes and views arrive on the account within 48 hours. The platform regularly pleases customers with discounts and other special offers.

 The opinions of users about the work of the program were divided. Some say that the service provides high-quality services and real followers. The second half claim that followers are added, but then most of them disappear. Not the best recommendation. 50% successful operation is a low percentage for this type of service.

 The main differences of the site are:

  • HTTPS - Yes
  • The design is simple, stylish and bright.
  • UX / User interface - The use is simple and clear. Navigation is convenient.
  • Positioning is the best buy site of Instagram likes and Tick Tok followers
  • Is there any additional functionality – No

 We give a score of 3 out of 5 for the above criteria.

Score: 3/5

Best alternatives

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SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How YouMeviral works?

 The principle of operation of the site does not differ from standard services for the promotion of social networks.

  • First you should go to the official website.
  • On the website, we select a social network in which promotion services are required.
  • In the selected category, we look at the promotion options: buying likes or followers, and choose.
  • After paying for the order, views and likes will be credited to the account within 2 days.

 Features of the site are:

  • What type of traffic is provided - bots/real users (Customers of the service say that the company provides both types of traffic)
  • The ability to select the volume of ordered traffic - Yes
  • Is there any guarantee of replenishment from service providers – Yes

 We give a score of 4 out of 5 for the above criteria.

Score: 4/5

YouMeviral Pricing


  • Buy Instagram likes. The minimum package is 100 likes, which can be bought for just $1. The maximum package includes 100,000 likes and costs $350.
  • Buy Instagram followers. At a minimum, you can buy 25 followers for $ 1. For $950, you can get 10,000 followers.
  • Buy Instagram views. For $5, you'll get 1,000 views. The maximum amount (10000000) can be obtained for $ 6000.


  • Buy YouTube subscribers. The minimum package (25 subscribers) costs $5. 5000 subscribers will cost $550.
  • Buy YouTube views. 1000 views costs $12. For $35,000, you will get 10000,000 views.
  • Buy YouTube likes. 50 likes can be bought for just $3. And for $ 1,000, the service offers 50,000 likes.


  • Buy Twitch followers. You can get 50 followers for just $3. If the maximum amount is required (100,000), then you need to pay $ 500.
  • Buy twitch live viewers. For $4, you'll get 1,000 views. For $200, the number will grow to 100,000 views.

Is it worth trusting YouMeviral?

  • The presence of accounts on review sites - Yes (But it is worth noting that the information is not as much as we would like)
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page / Contacts / Social media profiles - Yes
  • The possibility of a refund by payment method - Yes
  • Referral - No
  • Registration - Yes (username and email required)

 We give a score of 3 out of 5 for the above criteria.

Score: 3/5

Pros and cons of YouMeviral


  • A wide selection of social networks for promotion. Customers can get a full range of services in one place.
  • A large selection of packages. The company provides several packages to choose from, not just the maximum and minimum.
  • Technical support. Users note the good work of the support service.


  • Not always high-quality services. Many users claim that some of the paid followers disappear over time.
  • High price. Compared to similar companies, YouMeviral services are not cheap.

FAQ about YouMeviral

What is YouMeviral?

 This is a service for conducting social networks. Users can get likes, followers or views on various social networks.

In which social networks can you get promotion services?

 YouMeviral works with Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch and Tick Tok.

How much do the services cost?

 The final cost of services depends on the selected social network and the number.

Do we recommend YouMeviral?

 Despite all the advantages of the work, we cannot yet recommend the service for use. Too many users talk about cheating, that followers and likes disappear. This is not a quality service. We hope that soon the platform will improve and will provide only high-quality services.

 This service received 3 points out of 5 on our evaluation scale, which is not a decent score for this market.

Overall score: 3/5

  • Good statistics
  • Adaptive design
  • User-friendly system
  • Not for the beginners
  • Slow start
  • High pricing in comparison to other services
  • Limited payment options
  • Little information about the service