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Payment methods: Perfect money / Webmoney / Qiwi / Capitalist / Robokassa / Bitcoin / Apple Pay / Credit Cards is a technological service that helps to promote videos on YouTube. Many people use YouTube for different reasons: entertainment, education, etc. Step by step they learnt how to earn money on it. Since that it has become the source of income too. However, it is very easy to be lost among thousands of those who want to get promoted and get profit.’s services are aimed at vloggers, musicians, politics, gamers and anyone who wants to promote himself/herself or to promote his/her product.

All prices start from USD 1,8. If you are a reseller and buy a large quantity of services, the discount is possible. All terms and conditions are negotiable. 

There are also special packages for you. Newby, Amateur and Pro. Newby is for those who just started their activity about promotion. Amateur is for those who spent some time in the promotion sphere. Pro is for those who are real professionals. Every package includes views, likes, subscribers, comments. Every package contains a special coupon which gives 3-10% discount.

What are the key factors which define the successful promotion? They are the number of  subscribers, views, likes, comments. The higher the number, the more chances of the successful advertising campaign you have. And the higher your channel will be ranked.

Below you can see an instruction where you will be able to find out how about the ordering process of

1.Sign up (if  you are a new user) or sign in (if you already have your personal account). review

2.In your personal account choose the “Create order” option. create order

3.Choose the service. There is a wide range of views. They have different cost, retention rate, GEO-targeting.

Besides simple views, there is also an opportunity to choose YouTube Live Views. Also you can order 1000 live views for USD 10. Live streaming has advantages. You can communicate with your audience in real time. Above all, your subscribers will be notified as soon as you start streaming.

select the service

4.Pay attention to the service’s description. Read it very carefully.

Please note: 

monetization must be turned off for the time service is being provided, otherwise it would be hard to provide a highly qualified service;

do not buy services from the other providers.

5. To proceed with the service, please replenish your account

There are the several payment methods:

  • Perfect money
  • Webmoney
  • Qiwi
  • Capitalist
  • Robokassa
  • Bitcoin
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Cards payment methods

6. Tips:

In case you want to buy the other services too, you create several orders. 

In case you want to buy a special package, choose it.

In order to shorten the way, you can make all the orders via the order widget.

7. Please, check the final result in a day.

8. In case there are any issues, please write to support.


Views.Biz is a platform that provides different services for social media networks. It allows to choose the range of services and the most suitable option for promotion. You can buy  views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, etc.

To use services properly, please, read descriptions very carefully and pay attention to the fact that it is better not to use monetization and not to buy services from the other providers at the same time.


We hope that you will enjoy the services, come back to us and bring your friends!

  • Free YouTube views
  • Fast support
  • Price / Quality
  • GEO-targeting
  • API
  • Delivery time
  • Different payment methods
  • Only YouTube Services