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Red Social Review 2023 - Is It Safe or Scam?

 Red Social is a social media promotion company. The site writes about instant boosting your brand or social media profile. The service can create your account from zero and increase the number of followers you have. Is it legal to use the Red Social website? Is it really possible to speed up account promotion? We are about to find out.

Why should you use Red Social? 

 The site is designed to promote social networks, get followers and likes. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter are needed for people to develop their brand, products and talents. Such programmes are created for those people who don't want to wait. After all, it takes a very short time to gain likes and followers. Thanks to this, the account becomes very popular and quickly gets into recommendations.

How does Red Social work?

 The service is based on the use of bots. These programs work autonomously. They automatically like your photos, videos and posts. This increases the reach of your accounts. You're not paying money to real people, but to a computer that simply executes the algorithm. Do you need this in terms of building an audience? If you want to gain popularity with real people rather than robots, you might want to give up on Red Social. Will it matter how many likes and followers you have if it's not really popular?

How can you get this service?

 You need to register on the official website. There, you enter your personal details and your card or account number to pay. You also need to leave a link to your channel or social media profile, which Red Social bots will work with. Next, you need to choose the service package that suits you best. Red Social has a huge number of different services and products. They are often bundled into packages, so it is better to order them in bulk to get more benefits. Finally, you need to pay for your chosen rates and you are all set. After a while, your social networks will get likes and followers.

Prices and services at Red Social

 On Pinterest 100 followers cost $4 On Instagram 100 followers cost $7 On Facebook 200 followers cost $7 100 Twitter followers cost $7 On YouTube 1000 views cost $5

 As you can see from the list above, the cheapest option is recruiting followers on Pinterest (only 4 per 100 followers). The most expensive social network is Instagram ($7 per 100 followers). It's up to you to decide where to gain popularity. But if you're new to the business, 

 We suggest Pinterest as it's the lowest cost option. And a Pinterest account is much easier to maintain. This is the basic package, but you can choose and customize what you need on the site. It all depends on your desire and financial means. If you wish, you can choose all the social networks that are on the list and gain popularity everywhere. Such a package is also available in Red Social.

Pros and cons of Red Social. 

 Despite all the positive information I've pointed out above, the site has a lot of flaws and shortcomings. So, let's take a look at all the positives and negatives of Red Social.


  • As already mentioned, the service pleases with a huge number of services and relatively low price for them. Also, thanks to the autonomous operation of bots and programs, you do not have to be vigilant about every step of the work. All you have to do is keep an eye on how your profile is gaining in popularity day by day.


  • There are even more cons to the service than there are pros. Red Social is a site not vetted by professional experts. Therefore, its use is, at the very least, unreliable. In addition, there are very few reviews on the site and they are all suspiciously positive. It feels like the moderators themselves wrote these reviews and posted them on the platform. Because of this there is a huge risk that you will lose money and get absolutely nothing in return.
  • As we said before, you will not gain popularity through real subscribers. All the growth of your account will be done by robots and special programs. We don't think any of you need such popularity. If you can't communicate with a live audience, why rock your profile at all?

Let's summarise.

 We definitely do not recommend the Red Social service. It's an untested service that we don't recommend to anyone. There are few reviews about it and there is a risk of having your money stolen.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
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SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

Frequently asked questions.

Do the likes and views come from real people?

No, this is the work of a special software bot. 

Is the site verified by professionals?

No, this service is not checked and is not official.

How many account promotion services are presented on the company's website?

Service offers a huge number of services and products. You can tailor each service to your account and social network. 

 Red Social clearly doesn't work and works incorrectly and illegally. We don't recommend using it for people who want to legally promote their account. Think several times before buying services from this company. We really hope that this review will help you and you won't fall for the tricks of Red Social scammers.

  • Good quality of the likes and shares
  • A lot of social media are supported
  • Fast delivery
  • Different payment methods are available
  • Overloaded with text website
  • No independent reviews
  • Some minor issues with customer support