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Active IG Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or A Scam?

 Technology has changed the culture in every sector. Today people can work online and learn online, and, best of all, you can shop online. The online market has become a norm where most people do not visit stores. Your order and your product or service are delivered to your location of choice. 

 With the growth of the online market, business people are introducing new marketing mixes to keep them ahead of the competition. The most used method is promoting social media accounts via which customers can order what they require. As social media marketer, having more followers serves your brand with a positive impact.

Benefits of promoting your social media account

Promoting your social media account for business offers you several advantages, such as;

Brand popularity

 More followers on your social media platform ensure more people come across your brand. The higher the number of followers, the higher the chances of your brand becoming popular. With a popular brand, more customers are attracted. A wider customer range serves as an advantage through making higher profits.

Everyone is on social media

 Research shows that most millennials have smartphones and laptops from where they carry out their activities online. The highest population today is active on at least one social media platform. With your brand on social media platforms, there will be a higher engagement than offline. As stated earlier, most people have shifted from physical shopping to online shopping. Social media is the home of all products and services today.

Customer engagement

 When you buy a product on social media, you can get direct replies from the brand. Unlike other markets where chatbots are used, social media platforms are managed by humans. It ensures that a customer's need is met.

What is Active IG, and what does it offer?

 Active IG is a social media account-boosting company. The company helps your brand gain more followers, viewers and likes on your account. Active IG claims that they boost the account with real followers, likes and views.

 Active IG helps you gain higher connections and paid partnerships which is a great source of income. Active IG saves you from buying fake followers. Active IG advises brand owners to be patient to avoid buying fake followers. With more followers, your brand is known to many potential customers. These create a bigger market for your products or services.

  • HTTPS-Yes

  • Design-Average

  • UX/UI- Great user interface.

  • Positioning-BestBuy site.

  • Extra functionality- Serves many orders at a go.


Best alternatives

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How does Active IG work?

 To connect with the services, visit the website and sign up. The website has designed three easy steps to follow that take a few seconds to order. Many packages are listed; thus, you should select the one you are interested in.

 Fill in the details regarding the username of the account you want to get boosted. The password details are not asked for security. Several payment methods are secure. Select your package and make the payment. Watch your customer base row within days of working with Active IG. Active IG does not add followers, views and likes at go. Instead, they divide the package into bits.

Active IG pricing

Active IG works on different social media platforms; thus, each has different prices.


  • 5000 followers- $93.99

  • 500 Likes- $2.99

  • You Tube


  • 1000 views-$3.4

  • You Tube

  • 500 views -$2.6

Is it worth trusting Active IG?

 Active IG is ranked among the best social media account boosters and promoters. Trust Active IG will work positively on your business. First, Active IG has visible prices. They ensure that the client can access the prices on the website. There is a FAQ page that answers everything you need to know about Active IG. It includes information on why you need to boost your social media account.

 The methods of payment used are verified. You can select convenient methods and be guaranteed 100% safety. With Active IG, you acquire active followers on your page, hopefully, future customers. The site promises brand awareness to attract more customers. The more people purchase your products or services, the higher the chance of making more profit. 

 The platform ensures to boost your account with followers with a taste and presence of the product you are offering. Witness growth in your brand within a few days or weeks.

Active IG Pros and Cons


  • The prices are relatively fair and competitive.

  • The site is easy to use for all types of customers.

  • The site has verified payment methods for security.

  • There is a FAQ page that offers more information.


  • Poor customer service unit.

  • There are few ratings and reviews from users on Trustpilot.


FAQs about Active IG

How do I book Active IG services?

 For booking, visit our website named above. On the website, sign up and look at the packages offered for different social media platforms. Pay for the selected package through any convenient payment means. Forward the username to the team and watch your account grow. Do not share the passwords to maintain security.

Is account boosting essential?

 Boosting your account keeps your brand in the limelight. It ensures that more people know and talk about the brand. With the brand, you gain more customers, who increase your brand's productivity and profits. Through your account, you learn what the customers want through one-on-one interactions. You can always get first-hand customer feedback.

Active IG recommendations. Do we recommend it or not?

 Active IG has an easy-to-use site. It has three simple steps to follow for booking. Placing the order only takes less than three minutes to get completed. The payment methods are numerous and protected for safety. Working with Active IG will increase followers that highly contribute to the brand’s success.

 There are different packages offered that allow a client to select without limitations. You are allowed to monitor your account. It will help measure the growth the account receives from working with Active IG.

Overall score 3.0/5

Final Thought

 Promoting your social media account is a great idea for all modern businesses. It is important to note that most people today are active social media users. Therefore, your brand will reach many people without location limitations.

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