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Followersup Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or a Scam?

 As a social media user, you might have been looking for a means of help to help you grow your account on the social media platform. For instance, if you are an Instagram user, you will realize that it is more challenging nowadays to get more engagement than before. 

 This has resulted in to increase in the number of users of different social media platforms. Because of the increase in the number of users, there has been a corresponding increase in competition, focusing you on putting more effort into growing your account. 

 However, the follower's program claims to offer the best solution for growing your online social media account. This made me take my time to research the followersup program and see whether it's legit or just a scam. Note that a good program helps you promote the growth of your social media account by ordering services online. 

 For instance, many growing social media profiles and accounts attract followers through buying likes, subscriptions, and views. The accounts achieve higher growth rates due to active promotions from different sources. Therefore, let's look at how followersup claims to offer a promotion to social media accounts.

What is Followersup, and what does it offer?

 Followersup is a program that claims to help you grow your account or profile on any social media platform online. This company claims to offer customer support with high-quality services required to grow and care for your social media account. 

 They also have top features which they claim to be much more suitable for growing your social media account. The company will try to see if you have a brand on any product on your account and want to make it sell out faster. 

 This company works in a pretty similar way to the media mister company. The company, therefore, comes with top features, including; the Instagram growth tools, such as seek, nitreo, kicksta, growthoid, useviral.  

 It also offers top YouTube growth tools such as useviral, stormviews, sidesmedia, and top twitter growth tools such as seek, tweeteev, and twesocial. 

  • HTTPS - Yes

  • Design - Poor

  • UX/UI - It is not user friendly

  • Positioning - Not well positioned

  • Is there extra functionality - None


Best alternatives

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Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT YouTube      4.9 VISIT Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How does Followersup Works?

 The followersup company works by providing likes and followers to your social media account. The company also provides account growth tools for various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.  


Followersup Pricing

 Regarding pricing, the followersup first allows you to choose the platform that suits you to work with. After making your selection, the program will then direct you to the top features the company offers for the platform. 

 From there, you will be redirected to the pricing set for the platform and how you can make your payment. During the payment time, you can slide the toggle forth and back to help you decide on the amount you want to spend on the program. 

 This will help you minimize paying for the full package that may contain some features you are not interested in using. For instance, If you go for 100 likes on Instagram, you will pay about $3. 

 Furthermore, the company claims to offer a lifetime warranty for its offers and services, with their delivery time scheduled around the day. 

 Is it worth trusting followersup?

 Going by the trust score of the followersup company, it cannot be fully trusted as a legit company. The followersup company has an average trust score which puts it at a higher risk of being a scam. For this reason, there is no guarantee of the program's legitimacy. The trust score of a program is always calculated based on the 40 data points of the program. His includes reviews from the internet, the hidden information of the company from the server, the pricing, and many others. 


Pros and Cons of the followersup 


  • The followersup have average positive reviews

  • The site has several years of existence

  • The company has a valid SSL certificate from the Xolphin SSL check. 

  • The website of followersup is considered safe from DNSFilter.

  • The website is not prone to malware, such as phishing activities. 


  • The owner of the followersup has his identity hidden, which creates suspicion about the company's integrity. 

  • The website lacks visitors and may not be trusted, especially for newbies who still lack full information about the company's legitimacy. 

  • The company seems to offer followers and likes to social media accounts.  

  • The company does not offer any compensation plan to its affiliates. 

  • The pricing of the company is not constant for the services offered. 

  • The company lacks detailed information about its registration criteria. 

FAQ about Followersup 

Is the followersup company reliable?

 No, despite the followersup company claiming to offer faster growth to your social media account, it is not a safe program to rely on. There is no guarantee that the company will offer you the best growth of your social media account, as expected by its trust score. 

Does the Followersup offer bonus?

 No, there is nowhere on the website where the company mentions the bonuses they offer. 

For this reason, you will only have to rely on the company services you purchase. 

How first is the delivery of the company services?

 The followers up company claim to offer a delivery time of around a day. 

However, there is no testimony online about the delivery time being as stated on the website. 

For this reason, there is no guarantee that your service will be delivered as stated on the company website. 

Does the followersup company offer a refund policy?

 No, the company has not indicated any money-back service they offer customers on the website. Therefore, after joining this program, you will not expect to get back your money even if you find their services not impressive. 

Do we recommend followersup?

 In my opinion, I technically don't recommend the Followersup program. This site has an average trust score with no compensation plan for its affiliates. 

 For this reason, the customers may risk losing money to the company through scamming. In addition, the company owner hides his identity, making it difficult to contact the company's customer care for support. 

 This, therefore, provides no guarantee of complaints in case you face any suspicious activity in the company's services. I suggest you look for another alternative site to help you grow your account safely.

Overall Score:2/5

  • Safety
  • Money back guarantee
  • Speed
  • Refund policy
  • Low quality of likes