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Artist Push Review 2023: Should You Try it or Not?

 These past few years, you may notice social media as an ever-expanding space that collaborates with promotional services to increase monetization and sales. It's no wonder why people invest and purchase all sorts of advertisements to help their companies catch up with the fast pace of trends.

 In this article, we'll have a thorough review about Artist Push, a famous website that offers promotion and boosting for streaming apps up to the social platforms. The website helps music makers to promote their creations and get the streams that they deserve. To learn more information about their services, you can continue reading below.

Why should you try buying a profile and boosting your account?

 Content creators, music producers, and general social media influencers usually worry not just about their content but the future interests that their outputs may gather. Essentially, promotions become the helping hand when you want a profile, business, or account to reach the target appearance, exposure, and views that it necessitates accomplishing your goal.

 Boosting an account generally means getting followers, likes, and views in exchange for cash. For instance, you may buy Instagram likes, comments, and followers; buy Twitter retweets, followers, and accounts; get YouTube comments or buy YouTube views; take advantage of how to boost TikTok views and get TikTok likes.

 While this may seem disadvantageous and risky during the first time, it's actually worth it with exemplary promoters like Artist Push. They will make sure that you will reach your target goal faster and easier. Ultimately, boosting helps content creators to focus on making their output without having to worry about the views, subscribers, and followers.

What is Artist Push, and what does it offer?

 Initially, Artist Push is known as a group of marketing experts specializing in promoting music creation. The company started with three song artists who did not become famous through their music but through their marketing strategies. Artist Push believes that young artists and content creators should only focus on making their content and leave the promotional assignments to marketing experts.

 Now, Artist Push has expanded its streaming promotion offers from Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube up to the Playlist Placement. They now also offer social media content boosting specifically for Instagram, TikTok, MixCloud Promotions, Music Blogs Submission, Facebook, and more. They serve as the early supporters of rising artists who want to reach their target audience as fast as possible.

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How Artist Push Works

  •  In order to know more and purchase the marketing services directly from Artist Push, here are some things that you need to prepare and do:
  • First off, go to The web design should be a robotic girl in a red room filter.
  • Below the website, you can select the right service that you want to claim. While you may click for streaming apps like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Youtube, and social media applications like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, MixCloud, and more.
  • To complete your order, you must pass all the given requirements on the website. This may include your personal details like name, address, age, and more.
  •  You must also select the type of service that you need to claim from any of the mentioned applications. Depending on your goals, you may buy accurate comments on Instagram, buy Instagram followers, buy Twitter followers and likes and buy YouTube subscribers for free.
  • Lastly, buy the type of promotional service that you wish to claim for your own matters. Some may mistake boosting as an overall service to ensure that you need help.

Artist Push Prices

1. Instagram

Buy Cheap Likes on Instagram

  • $2 for 100 likes

  • $3 for 500 likes

  • $4 for 1000 likes

  • $7 for 2000 likes

  • $33 for 10000 likes

Buy real comments on Instagram

  • $4 for 25 custom comments

  • $6 for 50 custom comments

  • $10 for 100 custom comments

  • $18 for 250 custom comments

  • $50 for 1000 custom comments

Buy Instagram Followers Legit

  • $4 for 100 real followers

  • $12 for 500 real followers

  • $20 for 1000 real followers

  • $35 for 2000 real followers

  • $80 for 5000 real followers

  • $155 for 10000 real followers

  • $1500 for 100000 real followers

2. Twitter

How to Get More Likes on Twitter

  • $3 for 100 likes

  • $6 for 500 likes

  • $10 for 1000 likes

  • $18 for 2000 likes

  • $99 for 10000 likes

Get Twitter Followers

  • $6 for 500 followers

  • $10 for 1000 followers

  • $18 for 2000 followers

  • $45 for 5000 followers

Buy Twitter Retweets

  • $2 for 100 retweets

  • $4 for 250 retweets

  • $6 for 500 retweets

  • $10 for 1000 retweets

  • $60 for 5000 retweets

3. YouTube

How to Get More Likes on Youtube

  • $25 for 50 likes + 1000 views + 100 subscribers

  • $70 for 100 likes + 10000 views + 500 subscribers

  • $180 for 500 likes + 50000 views + 1000 subscribers

  • $425 for 1000 likes + 100 comments + 100000 views + 2000 subscribers

Increase YouTube Subscribers

  • $12 for 100 subscribers

  • $25 for 250 subscribers

  • $45 for 500 subscribers

  • $75 for 1000 subscribers

  • $160 for 2000 subscribers

Buy Views on YouTube Cheap

  • $4 for 1000 views

  • $18 for 5000 views

  • $32 for 10000 views

  • $290 for 100000 views

  • $1300 for 500000 views

Get YouTube Comments

  • $2 for 25 custom comments

  • $3 for 50 custom comments

  • $4 for 100 custom comments

  • $6 for 250 custom comments

  • $20 for 1000 custom comments

4. TikTok

How to Get More Views on TikTok

  • $1 for 1000 views

  • $3 for 5000 views

  • $5 for 10000 views

  • $25 for 100000 views

  • $99 for 1M views

Get TikTok Likes

  • $2 for 100 likes

  • $4 for 500 likes

  • $6 for 1000 likes

  • $25 for 5000 likes

  • $45 for 10000 likes

Increase TikTok Followers

  • $5 for 1000 followers

  • $22 for 5000 followers

  • $40 for 10000 followers

  • $90 for 25000 followers

Real TikTok Followers

  • $12 for 500 real followers

  • $20 for 1000 real followers

  • $35 for 2000 real followers

  • $80 for 5000 real followers

  • $155 for 10000 real followers

Pros and Cons of Site Service Artist rush.


  • It has quite cheap offers and many prices to choose from.

  • Offers many streaming promotions from Spotify to social media applications.

  • Offers music promotion guides.

  • Personal data are kept securely.

  • It has many 5-star ratings on TrustPilot.


  • The quality and service can be improved.

Do we Recommend Artist Push?

 Aside from its capabilities, Artist Push has proven its reputation through their Trust Pilot ratings. With over 100 reviews, almost 80% of customer feedback contains 5 star ratings, while only 16% were unsatisfied with their service. Hence through these facts alone, Artist Push is recommended for anyone who is looking for promotions in their music streams and social media.

 In the Trust Pilot, the commentaries are half-half about Artist Push. Some compliment them for doing a great job and providing legible services, while some rant about their lousy customer service and delivery. Overall, you need to stay cautious while buying. You can first try by buying small quantities, and once you confirm, you can opt to buying large numbers.

FAQ About Artist Push

1. Does Artist Push only focus on promoting music?

 Artist Push was initially designed to help musical artists to promote their creations but eventually grew as an advertising company for both social media and individual accounts.

2. What other promotions are offered by Artist Push?

 Aside from streaming applications and social media, the company also offers promotion for Tidal, SoundCloud, Amazon Prime, Mix Cloud, Music Blogs, and Resident Advisor Promotion.

3. Are there discounts in Artist Push?

 Yes, currently, Artist Push is giving a lot of discounts, and promo packages, so take it. The discounts range from 25-75% so you can ensure that the prices are way cheaper than before.


 Now, for the dollar question, should you use Artist Push for marketing and boosting content? You can use the website to gather sales, views, comments, likes, and all the exposures you want to achieve, but still, you can only depend on it for a while. One way or another, you'll need to grow your faithful and loyal audience naturally. Just consider Artist Push as a helping hand that can help ease the struggles of marketing.

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