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Boosthill Review 2023 - Is It Safe or a Scam?

 Boosthill is a digital marketing services company. They are engaged in cheating likes, subscribers and views on social networks and on various platforms.

 Before you start working with this service, you should find out its pros and cons, prices on the site, as well as how it works. All this will allow you to understand whether it is worth working with this service or not.

 In this review, we will describe the features of Boosthill, as well as find out if they fulfill their obligations to customers. We will also conclude whether it is worth using the services of this service.

What is digital marketing for?

 For companies and some individuals, it is very important that as many people as possible know about them. This allows them to earn their popularity.

 In order for people to know about them, they need their own group / account on social or platforms. However, a group or account needs to be developed, which is very difficult to do on your own. Therefore, they use various spin-up services to make their task easier.

What is Boosthill and what does the service offer?

 Boosthill is a site where you can buy likes, views and followers. Through the site, you can cheat on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, as well as many other social networks and platforms.

 Basically, the service works with Twitch. Depending on the social network/platform, services and prices may vary.

 The site works through the https extension, which reduces the risk of interception of personal data. The design of the site is average, but convenient design allows you to quickly navigate through it.

 For the convenience of users, all the necessary information is described in detail on the pages of the site.

 Some pages of the site do not open. And those that can be opened are filled with a lot of text. Some of the links that should lead to the service package selection page redirect the user to the main page.

 The final assessment of the functionality and design of the site: 3/5.

Best alternatives

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SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How Boosthill works

 To get started with Boosthill, you need:

  • Go to;
  • Register;
  • Enter your card details in your account;
  • Select the service you are interested in;
  • Pay.

 The site is not working properly. When choosing a service, the goods must be sent to the basket. However, if you go to the shopping cart, all selected products disappear.

 The type of traffic is unknown. When choosing a service package, only the quantity of goods and the price are indicated.

 For each service on the site there are several packages that differ in price and quantity of goods. There is no guarantee of replenishment on the services.

 In the account, you can find out what orders were made. You also have the option to change your email and password.

The final score of the guarantee of service and quality of service: 2/5.

Boosthill prices

 For each product on the site there are several service packages that differ in cost and quantity of goods.

Package names:

  • Basic;
  • Standard;
  • Super;
  • Growth;
  • Gold;
  • Premium;
  • Enterprise.

 Depending on the social network/platform, prices for the same service may differ.

YouTube subscribers

  • 100 subscribers - $14.99;
  • 500 subscribers - $67.99;
  • 2,500 subscribers - $240.99.

YouTube views

  • 500 views - $4.99;
  • 5,000 views - $35.99;
  • 50,000 views - $240.99.

Twitter Followers

  • 100 subscribers - $11.99;
  • 500 subscribers - $51.99;
  • 10,000 subscribers - $533.99.

Viewers and chatters Twitch

  • 100 live viewers - $8.99;
  • 500 live viewers - $26.99;
  • 1,000 live viewers - $48.99.

 The packages listed are just some of the packages that Boosthill provides. Unfortunately, you can't view packages for Instagram or Facebook, as some of the links on the site don't work. Therefore, you have to choose packages only for some social networks and platforms.

Is it worth trusting Boosthill?

 On several review sites, customers have left reviews for Boosthill. The overall score ranges from 3.2/5 to 5/5. Not all reviews can be trusted. For example, on, almost all positive reviews about Boosthill were written between November 15 and 18, 2021. This is very suspicious and we can conclude that the reviews were cheated.

 The only payment method on the site is by credit/debit card. You must specify the card number, expiration date and card code (CVC). This is not safe, as it allows the site owner to use your map.

 Boosthill claims they have a money back guarantee and 24/7 support. However, some customers complain that support does not respond to messages, and refunds cannot be issued.

 There is no information about the team. There are accounts on Pinterest and YouTube, but the team can only be contacted via email.

 There is no referral. To register, you must provide your email address and create a password.

We give a score of 2/5 to the reliability of the service.

Pros and cons of Boosthill


  • Beautiful and user-friendly website        
  • High rating on review services
  • Fulfills orders on time


  • The main functions of the site are poorly executed      
  • Lack of information about the company          
  • Just one payment method

FAQ about Boosthill

1. How can I contact Boosthill support?

 The site has an email address of [email protected]. Questions can be asked through this email.

2. Are the followers you can buy on the site genuine?

 This is unknown. On the site you can not choose the quality of the product, only its quantity. The company claims that the quality of the goods is at a high level.

3. Do I need to register on the site?

 It is necessary. Without this, you will not be able to pay for the order.

Do we recommend Boosthill?

 All in all, this is a pretty good site. Of course, there are downsides. This is still a rather crude service, but it is already capable of performing its main services. The design is at a high level, the speed of delivery is relatively fast.

 We rate the service 2/5.

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