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Bulkoid Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam? 

 Since the advent of social media sites, the amount of their users has been growing continuously from day to day, until nowadays there is almost no anyone, who is not using Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok to share the videos, images and simply messaging. Young people, especially those born after 2000, simply cannot imagine their life without the internet, and a lot of them are doing their best to become popular across social media. Business people are using them as business platforms, to spread the advertisement of their services and goods. The main issue about it is that social media sites are overpopulated, have extremely high competition, and it’s not a big deal to get lost in the crowd of unnoticed users. In order to solve the problem, you’ll need to use the professional promotion services, who offer to buy Instagram likes, gain TikTok followers and many others. Such companies are giving the helping hand for people who want to take a first step in becoming popular in social media or multiply their existing audience.

Why do You need a social media promotion?

 Much more than just a site for sharing videos and photos of one’s pets or food, social media sites are a huge and effective platform to promote your business and content. Promotion services can offer you a number of different options to let more people to see it: you can buy Instagram story views and reactions, get TikTok likes and views, YouTube subscribers, Twitter Followers - the list of options is almost infinite. Interested content makers and other users can promote their channels and accounts for affordable prices by using the specialized websites. Reach the heights with social media views, likes and shares! Today we are going to look upon one of these sites, bulkoid.com and see is it good for you to promote yourself?

What is the Bulkoid?

 Bulkoid is a site that offers social media engagement, like video views, followers, commentaries and likes. The site sells promotion services for Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and SoundClound, which is an impressive amount to choose from. Before we move further. 

 Let's take a peek loot at what they offer:

  • Youtube views, likes, shares and subscribers.
  • TikTok likes, followers and views.
  • Spotify monthly listeners, album, USA-area and a single track plays.
  • SoundCloud comments, likes, followers and plays.
  • Instagram likes, views, followers and comments.
  • Facebook followers and 2 offers of post likes.

 However, the Bulkoid’s design is  not impressive, not to say “bad”, mono-colored light blue, filled with stock images and slowly-loading pages. If you go to the services article, you’ll move into the app.bulkoid, and if you want to return to the main page - You’ll have to do it manually.  However, the site has a HTTP, and works fine, with no additional loading time and freezes. There are no other interesting features, like multi-orders or microtasks exchange, which gives us not the best impression about Bulkoid. However, let’s not judge too harshly and see what else we have here.

 Unlike many other social media promotion services, Bulkoid has a login and registration pages, with them you can save a purchase history of the site’s services. The FAQ has a list of the most common questions, so if you have any issues, you’ll find the answer in no time.

After concluding our impressions, we give Bulkoid a score of 3.5 out of five because of bad visuals.

Score: 2/5

 Should you use the site despite its bad design? Is it trustworthy and good for a promotion? Read right below!

 First of all, we should see how the site works and how to buy YouTube likes, Twitter followers etc. As we said, there is a signup page, however, it isn't a must-have, in case you don’t want or feel the need to make an account. The account is needed only for receiving newsletters and establishing a purchase history. The site offers only real users, and promises a low drop percent/ So, to buy a promotion package, you may simply go to the order article, choose the platform you need, and fill the field where the site asks for a link to your post or channel. And then consider the proper options for you using the slider. After that all you have to do is to choose the payment method, which includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and UnionPay, or with crypto-currencies. Despite the design, the services purchase doesn’t seem to be suspicious, but if we look further, we won’t notice a return policy article, only if we move at the FAQ page, we can see just a couple of words, saying that the only way to return money is possible - is only if you have some exceptional cases.

A little bit disappointed, we give Bulkoid only 3 scores out of 5 due to this.

Score: 3/5

 As we said before, the site provides a number of different platforms to promote an account, and it is actually hard to tell the exact price for the services, mostly because you can adjust the package in any way you like. For example, every 1000 YouTube views will cost only $8.99 for each, and TikTok followers cost only $4.2 for each 100. 

 Depending on the amount of money you want to invest on promoting your social media account, the prices can vary from about $7.50 up to more than $2100 for an enormous package.

Should you trust Bulkoid?

 Continuing, we are going to move forward and see if this site can gain our trust.

 The site has no article with reviews, only a single review from some random person, without any links to the full review. Moreover, the overall score from sites like Trustpilot are very suspicious, possibly made by bots, because they are similar and seem to be unnatural. Almost no ways to refund, which is disappointing. After all, speaking of trustworthiness and safety of Bulkiod, we can’t rank it higher than 2 out of 5, what a shame.

Score: 2/5

Moving on, we would like to look at the pros and cons of Bulkoid.


  • Affordable and adjustable for your needs prices.
  • Good FAQ.
  • Site is secure, without any advertisement. 
  • Login and registration pages, purchase history.
  • Stable with a low chance of drop.


  • No refunds policy.
  • Really, really bad UI design.
  • Doubtful reviews on different sites. 
  • Not enough information about the site, only

Questions about Bulkoid

1. Is Bulkoid safe to use?

 We cannot guarantee that the site is 100% safe. The things you share with the site are crypto-wallet id or card number, and an email in case of registration, so we recommend you to think twice or thrice before giving anyone your data.

2. Are there any free services or referral programs?

 Here comes the interesting part, because here we must mention the older reviews, where it is written about the referral programs and a free promotion for catch actions. However, there is not even a single word about it on the Bulkoid.

3. Is Bulkoid true or fake?

 Bulkoid sells various kinds of promotion, like followers, subscribers or

views, but you can never be sure if it is really true, the is no any information about the site, the only thing you may know from them is a FAQ article and a couple of links to an empty social media links, like Pinterest, TikTok with a 3 spanish videos and an Instagram with only 6 posts, that is rather suspicious and makes it more fake, than true.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT
Views.biz YouTube      4.9 VISIT
Tube.biz Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

Do we recommend Bulkoid?

 Concluding all above, we don’t recommend you using Bulkoid site, mostly because of a no-refund policy and obviously fake reviews on other sites, and lacks almost any information about itself, no any personal contacts except a single phone number and an address.

 Bulkoid only scores 1 out of 5 in our final and most important step, not 0 because it has transparent prices and has no ads.

Overall score: 1/5

  • This website offers payment methods which offer a "money back services"
  • This website has been reviewed mainly positively
  • We found a valid SSL certificate (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • DNSFilter labels this site as safe
  • Checked for malware and phishing by Flashstart
  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS
  • The Tranco rank (how much traffic) is rather low
  • This company seems to sell online social media fans & followers