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What is a social media promotion?

 From the invention of social media sites, their influence on our lives grew bigger and bigger.
Sometimes it seems that there is no person around that doesn't use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok - everyone has an account across the different social media sites. Business people, corporations, content makers and just bloggers use them to promote themselves and the services and goods they provide. Online promotion may sound difficult, requiring a lot of time, but that is not true: marketing in social media is a piece of cake a lot cheaper and more effective than advertisement on television, radio or other old media. Moreover, social media are worldwide, and you may be sure that people all over the world will see you and your content. Interested users are wondering how to buy TikTok views, YouTube comments, instagram reactions and twitter shares. The problem about becoming popular across the web is that the platforms are overpopulated with a lot of unnoticed users swarming beneath the popular promoted accounts.

 Getting lost is not a big deal, but to get the desired attention to your social media account you should pay attention to professional online marketing platforms. There you can buy TikTok followers and views, YouTube comments and everything else. Such sites are exactly what you need to get your first audience and improve the current one.

Why must you use online promotion services?

 YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, TikTok - are much more than platforms for messaging and posting videos. They can also be used to promote your business, services and goods you offer, or even yourself. The online promotion sites offer you a plenty of different ways to spread yourself across social media: you can buy YouTube views, get Twitter followers, Facebook page likes and a great variety of other services at affordable prices. Let’s talk today about BYTV - one of those platforms, and see, if it can help the customers to get to the recommendations.

What is BYTV and what does it offer?

 Getting straight to the point - the site offers a promotion on YouTube, and YouTube only. Specialized on a single platform, BYTV offers you a plenty of different services: from likes, shares and views to comments, country-targeted comments and a special packages. The visual consistency could to be better, the UI is pretty cheap and boring, but beneath ugly colors lies a lot of useful information about the site’s offers, reviews and contact information. The site offers you the following from buying their promotion:

  • Guaranteed Money Back Policy
  • Quick and worthy views (starting time is 24-48 hours)
  • Excellent Customer Support

That is a quite realistic starting time, which gives a little confidence about the site. And so, for an impressive text and bad UI we give it 3.5 scores out of five for a mixed, but mostly good first impression.

Score 3.5/5

Best alternatives

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SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How BYTV works

 Here we are going to describe the principles of the site’s work and how to buy the promotion services. To buy a package or any other needed offer, follow these steps:

  • Go to the
  • Choose the service you need and paste a URL to your YouTube channel
  • Sign in using your email address
  • Fill your balance using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or crypto-currencies
  • Proceed to payment for the service.

  It is never easy to trust such sites to give any data, like filling the inner wallet, your email and so on. So you can never be enough cautious when needed to give any of it. However, the amount of ways to contact the support is fine, you can write on their support email, and it is easy to find phone numbers and addresses on sites like ScamAdviser.
For the untrustworthy methods of payment, summing with a good amount of information about the site, in addition to return guarantee, we give BYTV 3.5/5 scores once again.

Score: 3.5/5

BYTV Pricing

 Moving on, let’s take a look at the prices for the site’s offer. They may seem a lot higher, than on some other sites, but that is a good sign. A lot of scam platforms offer up to a millions of views and shares for just about $50, which is simply impossible and not true. Here, however, we can see a pretty realistic prices, and here are some examples:

  • 1000 Youtube Views - $4.
  • 250 Youtube Likes - $23.
  • 50 REAL Youtube Comments - $15.
  • 100 Youtube Subscribers - $15.

  As we can see, it is a fairly high price for the services, but they seem quite trustworthy.

Should you trust BYTV?

 After that, we should come to a conclusion and decide if the site is safe and secure enough to be used:

  • A pretty different, but mostly real-looking reviews and a good ScamAdviser rating (for a social media promotion site, which almost never gain high enough scores)
  • A fine and detailed FAQ page, which is a must-have.
  • An option to fill the inner wallet with crypto-currencies.

 After all, we decided that BYTV is safe, and gains 4 out of 5 for its trustworthiness.  

Score: 4/5.

Pros & Cons to BYTV


  • All the traffic is real users.
  • Trustpilot and ScamAdviser give BYTV a good rating.
  • A lot of contact information and real reviews.
  • Return policy and low drop rate.


  • Bad-looking UI.
  • Users say that it takes a while for a support to answer.
  • Fair, but high prices. 

Questions about BYTV.

1. Is BYTV safe to use?

 Despite a suspicious method of payment, it seems that the site is safe and sound after all. However, you should always be cautious about your data, and avoid a loss of account, or a filled ‘spam basket’. 

2. Are there any free services for new customers or any special kinds of offers, like a referral program?

 No, not at the moment. It is even worth mentioning that BYTV doesn’t give any sale for big packages: You will pay the equivalent sum for the offers.

3. Is BYTV true or fake?

 The site offers several YouTube channel promotion ways, such as views, shares, subscribers etc. In the aggregate with fair prices and realistic reviews put the site into a definitely true column.

Do we recommend BYTV?

 In conclusion, we can, without a doubt, recommend you this site, mostly because it has gained the trust of a lot of customers, who gave it a lot of real and mostly good reviews. We are responsible for our articles, and this is the one, when we can surely say that BYTV is safe, sound, and good to use. In our final, overall score, we give it 4.3 out of 5.  

Overall score: 4.3/5

  • Good quality of the likes
  • A lot of services
  • Easy start
  • User-friendly design
  • Relatively high prices
  • Does not suit or the beginners and requires some experience