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Fbskip Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam?


 FBSkip is a website that helps to promote and maintain websites by circulating links on social media, primarily Google Plus and Twitter. Sites are promoted through the use of social media in order to make them visible to a wider audience. FBSkip also facilitates well-known websites' search rankings with major marketing networks. FBSkip is a social media marketing website for promoting your websites. FBSkip has been around for about 4 years and is the most popular SEO firm in the Philippines, with some of its clients such as ABS-CBN, Viva Records, blogging sites like ABS-CBN Blogs, News Digital Networks and others.

How FBSkip Works

 FBSkip will submit your website's URL to social media sites like Google+, Twitter and Facebook in order for people to find your site when searching for relevant keywords. This is done by submitting the URL of your site to social media sites based on keyword relevance, as well as submitting it according to an algorithm that is regularly updated.

FBSkip Pricing

 FBSkip provides a free service for personal and non-commercial websites, but this does not include submitting the URL to major social media sites. This free service is limited to only 5 links per week and it also does not include any social media marketing advertisements. The paid version of FBSkip, on the other hand, costs $35 per month. This plan includes submission of the URL to Google+, Twitter and Facebook, as well as submission to blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and more. It also includes 2 custom social media submissions which allows greater control in terms of when your URL is submitted and thus more effective by gaining more exposure.

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Pros and cons of the site service FBSkip


  • Free Service

 For personal and non-commercial websites, there is a Free Service that is provided by FBSkip. This includes submitting the URL to Google, Twitter and Facebook

  • Free trial period

 This means that even if you are unsure if you need their service, you can still try it before buying it.

  • Personal Support System

 An account manager personally communicates with all the users in order to keep them updated regarding their website's progress. They will also respond to any questions regarding the improvement of your website's rankings.

  • Web Directory Submission

 For those who wish to have their website listed in the directory, they do not have to go through the submission process of individual websites.

  • Link Exchange System

 This is a system where you can pay them to submit your website's URL to other websites and you get paid back on a per-link basis.

  • Works with Bloggers and Websites

 Since FBSkip is able to work with only blogs, this means that you will be able to do SEO campaigns for your personal blog or for other sites that you own as well. They can also create RSS feeds for your blog which allows it to be easily found in search engines.


  • The price

 Although the free service is initially free, there is only a limited number of links per week and no social media marketing advertisements included for the non-paying version. The paid version costs $35 which many users might find expensive.

  • SEO firms can be risky

 Since many SEO firms are known for having unethical practices, it is important to research about them before entrusting them to handle your website's SEO. FBSkip is one of the websites that you should check out though because they don't have any issues with their website or its ranking in Google.

Do we recommend FBSkip?

 To be honest, although the price of the service is a bit too expensive for many non-commercial websites, it does provide an effective service and is able to help your website get to where you want it to be. FBSkip has a good track record with other clients.

  • The only downside that we find in this program is that they require you to use their search engine marketing services in order for them to submit your URL to social media sites

  • In conclusion, the services provided by FBSkip are not just limited to its website services since it also provides full support and guidance on how best to promote your website.

FAQ about FBSkip

What is the difference between FBSkip and other SEO firms?

 FBSkip does not just provide a website service but also provides social media marketing services as well. The main difference that we find in the services offered by FBSkip is that it offers social media marketing advertisements which are not guaranteed. Although these advertisements are provided on a trial basis for free, you have to pay for it if you want to continue using them. This means that like all other SEO firms, FBSkip provides its services but only with an affordable price compared to others.

What is the advantage of using FBSkip over other SEO firms?

 FBSkip has been able to build a trustworthy reputation for itself by providing higher quality service and thus making it more reliable than other SEO firms. This is because it has already been in the market for 4 years and has already proven itself to be effective. They also offer a free service plan which is limited to 5 URLs per week.

What are the disadvantages of using FBSkip?

 There are limited links per week with the free version; moreover, no social media marketing advertising fees are included with this version.

Will FBSkip help my website gain rankings in Google?

 Since there are limits to the number of URLs that are submitted per week, it is highly recommended that you get the paid version of FBSkip in order for your website to have better success in getting found by search engines.

What payment options do you have?

 There is both a free and paid version of this program. You might be able to choose between a monthly or yearly subscription plan. The free service has only 5 links per week while the paid subscription plans have a higher limit of 50 links per week.


 We have found that FBSkip is able to provide very effective results for its clients and thus we highly recommend their services. Although there are some limitations with the free version, it will work well for most websites with only 5 links per week. The only downside that we find in this service is that the monthly subscription fee is a bit expensive to some non-commercial website owners. The paid version, however, has many advantages compared to other SEO firms since it has been providing successful results for over 4 years now.

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