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Likes Geek Review 2023 - Is it safe or a scam?

 Likes geek is an online service that promises to promote your social media growth by boosting your likes, views, comments, and comments. 

 They promise to offer you cheap and better packages for social media services which are: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, SoundCloud, and like. The offers seem enticing because you would be happy to see your social media account grow.

 However, the question one could be asking is whether this is legit or not. So, to make you understand more about Likes geek, we have this review for you to check its features and learn more about it whether we recommend it. Therefore, let’s delve into it.

Why do you need to promote your account?

 In social media, your followers are essentially your audience; therefore, the more your following increases, the more you will receive engagements for anything you post. These engagements will then promote your social media marketing. If you have something to sell online, many followers will see you sell in no time because it looks more legitimate.

 As you gain more followers, there is an increased likelihood that other people will follow you after seeing your account with the increased number of followers. Besides, social media accounts may notice your growth, boosting your posts as people love your content.

What is Likes geek, and what does the service offer?

 Many people want to promote their social media accounts and see them grow to help them improve their social media brand. We have many online services that promise to boost your social media profile. Likes geek is one of them, and it promises to offer real followers and likes for SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, TikTok, and LinkedIn.   

These are the features that this service promise:

  • Real engagements-the followers, likes, and views are real

  • Fast delivery-when buys followers, likes, and views; they will be delivered in no time

  • One-time payment

  • Faster response

 You can choose the package that suits you whether you want to buy followers, views, likes, or comments. So, with these options, you can pick any social media account you want to promote. Furthermore, they claim that you do not require passwords and that their services are secure.

Best alternatives

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SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How does Likes geek works?

 To promote any of your social media accounts, Likes geek allows you followers, views, comments, or likes. How can you get started with Likes geek? To help you get started, these are the steps you need to follow to enjoy its services.  

  • First, you need to visit their official website

  • You then choose the service from the social media account you want promotional services

  • Enter your profile URL, the size of the package you need, and your email address, then press the “checkout option.”

  • Before you enjoy the benefits, you need to pay for them, and this is through PayPal.

  • Get to enjoy the results as they promote your account.

 With likes geek, they claim to offer real users, which means that the engagements are real. Furthermore, you can choose the amount of traffic since it has different service packages. They also have refill services, so they will resend you if you lose your followers or likes.

Likes geek pricing

 There are different prices Likes geek offer depending on what social media profile you want to promote and the package you take. We have outlined below the prices for different social media profiles and their packages. So, let us look at them.


  • 100 followers-$4.05

  • 100 likes-$1.58

  • 100 comments-$14.84


  • 100 likes-$1.24

  • 500 views-$3.15

  • 100 followers-$1.45

  • 20 comments-$3.51


  • 500 views -$0.68

  • 100 likes-$1.65

  • 100 followers-$2.95

  • 10 comments-$0.99


  • 100 followers-$1.71

  • 1000 plays-$1

  • 100 likes-$1.71


  • 100 likes-$3.85

  • 500 views-$1.35

  • 100 followers-$8.91


  • 10 subscribers-$1.25

  • 500 views-$3.12

  • 100 like-$5.76

 Therefore, having learned of the pricing of Likes geek, you can choose the best deal that serves you better.

Is it worth trusting Likes geek?

 Before you decide to for the services of any online platform, you need to check its reviews. Some customers may have bought such services but did not find them worthwhile, so that you will arrive at the best decision from their comments. 

 Unfortunately, you cannot trust Likes geek because it does not have reviews. If it had reviews, you could check its rating so that you know if it has poor or good ratings. Nevertheless, you can only access the services after you pay when registering.

 With Likes geek, you make payments through PayPal, a trusted payment method. In that case, you can trust it since one of the factors to be considered to put trust in an online service is the method of payment. PayPal will make it convenient for customers to purchase the services of Likes geek. 

 Moreover, Likes geek has an about us page so you can access their details to know them before you commit to buying their services. 

 Also, Likes geek has a refund policy, so if you are unsatisfied with its services, you can contact them, and you will be refunded. Thus, you can trust Likes geek to offer you the best online service to buy.

Pros and cons of Likes geek


  • It offers a fast delivery time so that you will receive your package in no time.

  • It does not require the use of passwords making it easy to use

  • Offers low and affordable prices

  • It has a refund policy, so if you are not satisfied can seek a refund


  • They do not offer a free trial, so you cannot try their services

  • No reviews, so you cannot check its rating

FAQ about Likes geek

How many likes can I buy?

 With the different packages offered, it is up to you to can buy the one that gives the level of engagement you want to see on your profile.

Is it common to buy followers?

 Nowadays, it is common due to online competition, and you reach your goals quicker.

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

 Yes, because to give you Instagram followers, we follow the legal process.

Do we recommend Likes geek?

 We do not recommend Likes geek as the best way to gain more social media growth. There are several reasons why we do not recommend it. 

 One of them is that there are no reviews, so you cannot check its rating. The other reason is that it has no free trial, which could allow you to test its services before buying. 

 Other sites, such as Mr. Insta, have good reviews and ratings.


 You ultimately want to get more followers to promote your account. Likes geek is among the websites you can use to achieve that though there are other better sites you can try.