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Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro. Review 2023: offers to take your brand to a new level using social media marketing. The account grows due to the purchase of followers, likes and views. But is it legal? Is it possible to use the services of the service?

  The indicator of a successful Instagram is, of course, the number of followers and likes. But it is not always possible to get the right amount. In this case, you can use one of the services. You can buy real Instagram likes on

Why do you want to buy services?

  You've probably heard many times that it's better not to buy likes on Instagram because such likes are either fake or perceived as fake. However, contrary to popular belief, buying likes on Instagram can have a positive effect on your business or brand. In addition, there is a great website that offers real likes from real users -

  Users will trust you more. If you see two identical pictures in the feed, but one has only ten likes, and the other has fifty, which one will cause more trust and which Instagram will you eventually subscribe to? Personally, I will subscribe to Instagram, which has more likes. Why? Because the number of likes indicates that he has more followers, he is trusted more, and if so, then I can trust him.  Likes are similar to reviews of grateful customers, but only without words. After buying likes, users who have looked into your Instagram are likely to subscribe to you. They will see that this is a real person's account. If you are new to Instagram, this is a good way to impress and gain the trust of your followers.

  Your Instagram will look more valuable. Let me make a comparison. Imagine that there is an online course sold on two resources, but one at a price of $100 and the other at $700. Most likely, you will choose a more expensive option because it always seems that if the price of a product or service is higher, then so is the quality. The more likes your posts have, the higher the value of your Instagram. Followers will perceive your content as of higher quality. Even if similar content has been posted many times by others, it doesn't matter - Instagram users will be convinced that your publication is more valuable, and all because of the numbers near the heart.

  You will have more followers and likes. By buying likes, you get additional likes, which, in fact, you did not buy. For example, you liked a certain post, but it has only two likes - it's unlikely that you will like it. But when there are photos with a bunch of likes in the feed, many people do not hesitate to double-tap to slap a like. I'm not sure what the secret is, but it seems that we're just like that. People subscribe to those Instagram profiles that have more likes - this is what will attract new followers to you. Your likes will tell users that you are popular, and a lot of your followers just love your content. People like to follow things (or people) that are gaining popularity.

What is and what it offers is a platform where users can buy likes for Instagram cheap. In addition, the service is offered by other services on Instagram. Users can buy additional real comments, views, and even increase their number of followers on Instagram. stands out among all the sites where you can buy likes on Instagram. offers you exclusive and real likes from real people. The service has convenient GEO-targeting and gender sampling. You can choose the country where your likes will come from, as well as from whom they will be - men or women. Other services cannot offer anything like this, since all the likes on are likes from real and active Instagram users.

  Other excellent features offered by the service are: a set of views (your videos will get as many views as likes), professional support of the 24/7 technical service, distribution of a package of likes (you control how many likes each of your publications will receive), automatic detection of new posts, and the ability to postpone the receipt of likes if it happens too quickly.

What services does it provide

  On, customers can buy real Instagram likes and comments. In addition, customers can get additional followers and even increase the number of story views. Instagram account activity is one of the indicators of brand success. You can collect followers and likes for years, but isn't it easier to use the services offers . Moreover, the service gives real followers, likes, views, and comments. If we evaluate the activity of the platform, we can give a positive assessment.

How works? is a service that provides account promotion services in social networks. The company was founded in 2003, with its head office in Hong Kong. The main specialization of the company is the growth of the popularity of the Instagram account. Let's determine exactly what services it provides on

  Buy Instagram followers. offers two different options for buying followers on Instagram. The "real followers" service is a one-time purchase where you can choose the quantity. In addition, you can buy active Instagram followers who will view stories and give likes. Users can choose how quickly the number of followers will increase. They can be added gradually or appear all at once.

  Buy Instagram likes. When this option is selected, likes will be added to all future Instagram posts. The service makes it possible to determine the number of not only likes, but also posts that will be liked.

  Buy Instagram views. Customers can choose the number of views. The user is only required to specify the video by sending a link to it, and specify the number of views required. It will not be possible to see a sharp increase, because the system works in such a way that views appear gradually.

  Buy Instagram comments. The services include the ability to choose between random and user comments. How do they differ? The customer of the service creates user comments himself. Random comments are made for you if you don't have enough time or imagination.

  Verification. Verification is a complex and lengthy process. offers to send an account for verification using Instagram Media Partner access. Thus, the data is processed faster, and the chance to pass verification increases.


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     The price of the service depends on the required option.


      Buy Instagram followers:

    • "High Quality followers". The cost of the service depends on the number of followers: from $2.49 to $54.99. The most popular package is 500 followers for $4.99.
    • "Premium followers” cost from $8.99 to $47.99. For example, for $13.99 you can get 1000 premium followers.

      Buy Instagram likes:

    • The minimum price is at $1. For this amount, you can get 50 likes for future posts.
    • The maximum price is at $174.99. But in this case, the user gets up to 100,000 likes for the posts.

      Buy Instagram views:

    • The minimum package gives 100 views for just $1.
    • 150,000 views can be obtained for $139.99.

      Buy Instagram Comments:

    • User comments cost $1.79 for 30 comments. And for $5.39, you can get 100 comments.
    • The maximum price is at $389.29 for 10,000 comments.

    Pros and cons of


    • A large selection of services for account promotion. Customers can buy likes, views, and even Instagram followers.
    • The service offers several packages at different prices. Users can determine for themselves what they need and pay only for specific services.
    • The service offers the ability to choose the rate of growth of activity. Likes and comments can appear instantly or gradually.


    • Some users claim that all the followers and likes that was provided by not real.

    Do we recommend

      If you compare all the reviews of , then it is possible to give a predominantly positive assessment. The service's clients can really get Instagram likes and views cheap. The number is growing gradually, which prevents the system from suspecting the purchase of Instagram followers and comments.

      The platform offers a choice for its customers. Users can choose a package of services depending on the required quantity, conditions, and price. In the beginning, it is better to take a minimal package to evaluate all the features of the service.

      Despite all the advantages of the site, you can find many alternative options on the Internet. Each Instagram account promotion service differs in its offers and functionality, but the principle of operation remains unchanged.

    FAQ about

    1. Is Skweezer Safe And Legit?

      After evaluating all the services offered by the site, it was not possible to find evidence of illegality. The site is not dangerous, and buying Instagram likes is completely legal. But first, it's best to use the free trial version to test the service.

    2. What payment methods are available in Skweezer?

      There are several payment methods available to users. The service accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro credit cards. The PayPal payment system is not yet available on the platform, but the developers say they are trying to fix it.

    3. Is it true is it working?

      Yes, the service helps to make an Instagram account more successful. Users can buy likes, views, and comments to increase their number.


      Instagram account activity is one of the indicators of brand success. You can collect followers and likes for years, but isn't it easier to use the services offers. Moreover, the service gives real followers, likes, views, and comments. If we evaluate the activity of the platform, we can give a positive assessment.


    Price / Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.0/5

    Start time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.0/5

    Delivery time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.0/5

    Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5 

    • A large selection of services for account promotion.
    • The service offers several packages at different prices.
    • The service offers the ability to choose the rate of growth of activity.
    • This website offers "get your money back" friendly payment methods
    • This website has received positive reviews
    • The SSL certificate is valid (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
    • This website is old
    • Some users claim that services that was provided by not real.
    • The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS
    • Website has been reported as a possible scam on Scamadviser