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SNS-Growth Review 2023 - Is It Safe or a Scam?

 If you are not leveraging social media platforms like Instagram to boost the visibility of your business, then you need to get started.

 As you may know, people are flogging the internet to seek various services, and it is now your chance to take advantage of such a domain to promote your business.

But now the problem remains; the competition on such a platform is increasing, and being successful might sound like a dream.

And what best can come to your rescue to ensure you stand out while showcasing your business to the world without worrying about your reach other than third-party companies?

However, not all third-party companies can offer you the best of your desires. It is, therefore, prudent to consider the best company to help you scale your business before going for it.

In this article, we'll get deep into SNS Growth companies and sometimes SNS Followers. In the end, you'll be able to decide whether it matches your needs.

Why should you buy a profile & Account boosting Service?

 With colossal marketing being done on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the like, people are looking for an alternative to scaling their business without the stress of gaining popularity on such platforms.

People have opted for shortcuts to make their social media presence instant and effortless thanks to the increased Account boosting Service. SNS Growth service offers such a Service and whether their claims are true or untrue remains a question that we should answer in this review.

What is SNS-Growth, and what it offers?

 Essentially, SNS-Growth is a company that claims to boost your Instagram followership organically while limiting the number of times you open your Instagram account now and then.

 With this service provider, you can buy Instagram views, likes, followers, and the automatic view of stories.

In their service provision, SNS Growth claims to offer you:

  • One-time fee
  • Free sign up
  • Quick delivery

 The service provider also claims to offer you email support, and from what we saw on their website, they claim that they can respond to your queries within 24 hours.

 But the bad side of their Service is the lack of an "About Us" page, which implies that limited information is known about their team and how they operate.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT YouTube      4.9 VISIT Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How SNS Growth Works

 Per their website, the Service they offer is a marketing tool that will instantly interact with followers as your helper. As such, you'll be able to pull many followers leaving comments and liking your page, which might lead to a positive response regarding what you're selling.

Aside from that, this service provider claims to provide you with tailored campaign settings concerning the account you wish to grow and increase followership.

 Now, the biggest problem is the fact that it doesn't demonstrate how such settings will be of benefit to you.

 The last section where SNS Growth pitches its Service is where they claim that what they offer is cheap, which makes it affordable for everyone; however, the claim might not be true.

 Even though we may conclude that their Service might be cheap, what they offer as a service doesn't match their cost. We can say they don't provide their promise. We wish their URL had a secure link to improve their legitimacy. So before you can decide to insert your card details and personal information, we advise you to trade carefully, lest you might enter a hole that can be challenging to get out of.

 If you ignore the problem, then it means that you'll be jeopardizing all credit information, and before long, you'll regret why you entered your details in such a platform that lacks a secured link. The attached link is the padlock you often see at the upper left corner of the URL section. The absence of the lock means the website is not secured, and your information can be used elsewhere. If you want to confirm this, you can visit their site and check the mentioned information after clicking on the section.

 Do you believe in a company that claims to offer you followers, on your Instagram account in a record one night? You should also be worried about such claims because if it is organic, that should take some days, if not weeks. We don't think they have a magic bullet to do this within a night.

SNS Growth Prices

 SNS Growth gives you different packages to get Instagram service. Check out just but a few of their pricing plan:


600 followers - starter plans: $13.69

1500 followers- popular plan: $29.69

3000 followers - premium plan: $56.99

5000 followers - platinum plan: $82.99

10,000 followers - Diamond plan: $152.99


500 likes - Starter plan: $7.99

1000 likes - popular plan: $14.69

1500 likes - premium plan: $19.69

3000 likes - platinum plan: $31.69

20,000 likes - diamond plan: $137.17

Pros and cons of the site service SNS Growth


  • Delivered within 24 hours


  • It lacks reviews
  • Does it offer a free trial
  • The followers you get are fake

Do we recommend SNS Growth?

 We don't think this website meets the threshold of being trustworthy with fake followers and their website lacking secured links. Because let's face it, if you share your payment details to such a website, you may lose additional money due to fraud.

FAQ about SNS Growth

Is SNS growth legit?

 We don't think this company is legit, owing to the reasons that we have highlighted above.

Is the website of SNS-Growth safe?

 Since it doesn't have a padlock on the URL, we don't think SNS-growth is a safe place to insert your confidential details.

Is SNS growth real?

 Well, SNS-Growth exists; however, the services they offer seem questionable.


 From our honest point of view, we don't think SNS-growth is a site that can help you. One thing that stands out about this website is that it doesn't have reviews, which implies that people will not believe it or take it seriously for its Service. However, you need to do deep research to ensure you're not making a financial mistake.

  • This website offers payment methods which allow you to get your money back
  • According to the SSL check the certificate is valid 
  • This website has existed for quite some years
  • DNSFilter considers this website safe
  • Flashstart did not find any malware of phishing activities
  • The website's owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
  • This website does not have many visitors
  • It seems this company is offering likes & followers of social media