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Social Packages
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Payment methods: Credit & Debit card / PayPal / Cryptocurrency

Social Packages Review 2023 - Is It Safe or Scam?

 Social Packages is an online service for promoting accounts and groups on social networks and on various platforms. Promotion occurs by cheating likes, views, comments and subscribers.

Before you start working with such services, you need to find out certain details about them. You need to know their pros, cons, and how effectively they work.

 In this review, we will fully describe the features of Social Packages and find out if they fulfill their obligations. We will also conclude whether it is worth using their services or is it better to go to more reliable cheat services.

What is promotion for?

 Companies want more people to know about them, who may become their customers in the future. And people need their own brand to get famous or sell ads for something.

 In each case, everyone wants their group or account to be visited by as many people as possible. To achieve this on your own will be very difficult and time consuming. Yes, and competitors are not idle. Therefore, for quick promotion, they use various services.

What is Social Packages and what it offers

 Social Packages is a site where you can buy likes, comments, followers and views.

At the top of the site there is a "Services" section. There are social networks and platforms with which the site works:

• Instagram;

• Facebook;

• Twitter;

• YouTube;

• Spotify;

• Twitch;

• TikTok;

• Soundcloud;

• Clubhouse.

Basically, the service works with Instagram and Facebook. Depending on the social network and platform, the services differ. For Spotify, listens and subscribers can be bought, while for Clubhouse, only subscribers.

The quantity of a product is always a multiple of 100. The minimum number of followers you can buy is 100. And the minimum number of views to buy is 500.

Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT YouTube      4.9 VISIT Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How Social Packages Works

To get started with Social Packages, you need:

• Visit the site;

• Next, in the "Services" section, select the service of interest;

• Choose a certain number of followers, likes or views;

• Fill out a form in which you need to specify a link to an account or group, as well as your email;

• Choose a payment method and pay.

 You can pay via credit / debit cards, PayPal, or using various cryptocurrencies.

Choosing the option of a particular service, you can immediately find out its cost. When ordering likes or views, you need to select the posts you want to promote. The service will take 1-2 days.

  Unfortunately, you cannot select the region from which comments or subscribers will come. That is, activity can come from accounts from all over the world, which is not very good, since the moderation of social networks or platforms may suspect something is wrong. Therefore, there is a high chance that the cheated activity will be deleted.

And not the fact that it will not be bots. This is one of the reasons why you should not use this service.

Social Packages prices

 On the site, the price for services is two or three times higher than the market price. The minimum price on the site is $1.50.

YouTube View Prices

• 500 views - $3.50;

• 5.000 views - $22.50;

• 50.000 views - $199.00;

• 100,000 views - $373.50.

YouTube Subscriber Prices

• 50 subscribers - $6.00;

• 100 subscribers - $10.00;

• 500 subscribers - 48.99.

Instagram View Prices

• 500 views - $1.50;

• 5,000 views - $9.50;

• 50,000 views - $49.50.

Instagram Follower Prices

• 100 subscribers - $2.50;

• 1,000 subscribers - $12.00;

• 10,000 subscribers - $105.00.

Facebook Follower Prices

• 500 subscribers - $18.00;

• 5,000 subscribers - $69.00.

We did not list all the prices for each package of a particular service. It would take a long time. However, the above prices are enough to more or less understand what numbers you can expect on the site.

Pros and cons of the site service Social Packages


• Convenient site

• Fast execution


• Above market prices

• You can’t select the region where the activity will go from

• Support does not respond to messages

• Bad rating on Trustpilot and WebMasterReviews

• There is a big chance that bought subscribers or comments will disappear

Do we recommend Social Packages?

 We would not recommend using the Social Packages service for several reasons.

That's why:

Above market prices

 Compared to similar services, Social Packages prices are two or three times higher. That is, on their site you have to overpay for the same service. Although you could save money. And with this money, you could buy more views, subscribers, etc.

Poor rating on Trustpilot and WebMasterReviews

 Customers complain that support does not respond to any messages. There are also several complaints that the followers and views are not genuine.

One client wrote: “A total scam. They don't give legit subscribers. No phone number and when I sent them a message on Contact Us form, no reply whatsoever.”

There is a big chance that bought subscribers or comments will disappear

 This is the biggest reason why you shouldn't use Social Packages. Since the service uses accounts from all over the world, some of which may be bots, moderation can quickly detect them and remove cheated comments and subscribers.

FAQ about Social Packages

1. Is Social Packages safe?

 When buying a service, the site only requires a link to the account / group that needs to be promoted, and an email for communication. And payment is made through Checkout or Commerce Coinbase, which are reliable online money transfer services. Therefore, it can be considered safe.

2. Are the followers you can buy on the site genuine?

 Part of the subscribers are not genuine. It is not fully known how the service works, so the quality of the services provided remains in question.

3. How can I contact Social Packages support?

 The site does not have a phone number, email, or link to a group on a social network. There is only one way to contact support. To do this, the site has a "Contact Us" section in which you need to fill out a form. In this form, you need to specify your email, name, and also write a message.


 We would not recommend this service. This is due to poor ratings and high prices. There is a great chance that the service will not be implemented. And support is hard to get in touch with.

 For these reasons, we would recommend looking for other similar services to promote.

  • The reviews for this website are mixed
  • According to Xolphin SSL Check the SSL certificate is valid.
  • This website has existed for quite some years
  • DNSFilter considers this website safe
  • Flashstart did not find any malware of phishing activities
  • The website's owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
  • It seems this company is offering likes & followers of social media
  • We found both positive as well as negative reviews for this site