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Soclikes Review 2023 - Is it Safe or a Scam?

 For a fee, social media service providers can assist you in increasing your engagement and the following count. Doing it this way will save time and effort in traveling around to find more followers. Additionally, using social networking platforms might help to grow your account. They can assist you in getting off to a strong start with your account and increase traffic. 

 This is primarily because content quality is no longer critical. The majority of folks have large followings but need better-quality stuff. On the other side, there are also a lot of talented individuals who have zero social media participation. You can therefore hire a social media service provider to assist you in realistically and naturally expanding your account is SocLikes.

Why should you order services to promote your accounts?

Why You need Facebook Likes & Instagram Followers?

 Since there is so much rivalry and many brands and companies utilize Instagram for marketing, it is one of the most complex platforms for gaining more followers. Your credibility and reputation grow as you gain more followers. 


When you already have a significant number of followers, it is more probable that people will keep following you and visiting your page. People tend to follow what is trending; thus, having a large following makes your account appear more engaging. 

 Social evidence suggests that the greater the number of followers, the more the account will appear reputable. This holds for all social media platforms, not just Instagram. Furthermore, individuals are more likely to check out your content when it has a lot of views, likes, or shares on social media. 

 Additionally, you will increase your video's organic reach and possibly even highlight it on networks like Explore pages of social media apps.

What is Soclikes, and what does the service offer? 

 SocLikes is an online social media growth service. You can purchase Instagram packages from Soclikes for follower engagement development. SocLikes also sells packages for Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.Here are some of its functional and visual features;

  • HTTPS: SocLikes do have a website which you can access easily:

  • Design: The SocLikes does have a good design that was not built overnight hence a highly functional system

  • UX/UI: SocLikes appears to be very easy and smooth to use as it has fast delivery with 24/7 support

Score: 3/5

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How SocLikes Works

 SocLikes provides packages of followers, likes, views, comments

Starting SocLikes is a straightforward procedure:

  • Check out the SocLikes website

  • Select the bundle that you want to buy

  • Enter the necessary data, such as your email, address, username

  • Pay the fee

  • Obtain your package

 Although it does not specify how long it will take to receive your entire purchase, it states that Instagram followers deliver within 1-12 hours, anywhere from 300 to 2000 a day. There is a wide range.

SocLikes does have several services it offers. They include;

  • Facebook likes, friends, video views, and other services

  • Instagram followers, likes, comments, video views, story views, etc.

  • YouTube views, likes, dislikes, subscribers, comments, and other services

  • Twitter followers, likes, views, shares

  • LinkedIn followers, connections, shares, accounts, endorsements

  • Tumblr followers, Periscope Followers, Weibo followers, Etsy followers

 They assert that all followers, likes, and comments are authentic. Can they support this assertion, though? The user can choose packages depending on how much money he has or how much traffic he wants on his account. With no bot boosting, their traffic is organic and can be trusted.

Score: 3/5

SocLikes Pricing

 Because SocLikes offers such a wide variety of packages for many social networks, their cost fluctuates. Examples of their pricing are as follows;


  • Weekly Instagram package

  • 250 Instagram followers, 500 likes, 25 comments @$9.99

  • 1000 Instagram reel views $5.90

  • Auto Likes-Weekly package

  • 50-60 real likes to every new picture you upload to Instagram $9.99

  • 1000 Instagram followers $19.80


  • Weekly Facebook package

  • 100 Facebook users, 500 post likes, 50 comments @$19.99

  • 1000 Facebook likes $19.80


  • Weekly YouTube package

  • 100 YouTube subscribers, 2000 views, 10 comments @$29.99

  • 250 YouTube subscribers $34.95

  • 1000 YouTube views $9.90


  • Weekly TikTok package

  • 100 TikTok followers, 10,000 views, 500 likes @$9.99


  • Weekly Twitter package

  • 50 Twitter followers, 100 Twitter likes, 100 Twitter re-tweets @$9.99


  • 10 LinkedIn accounts $69.90

Is it worth trusting SocLikes?

 With all the positive reviews online, Soclikes is a lifesaver to many. There are 78 reviews, and most people have positive reviews on a certain site. It rates Soclikes 4.2/5, meaning it’s worth it. There are various payment methods when purchasing packages; debit/credit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB, bitcoin, and ethereum. 

 Their FAQ page has a lot of information and answers to many people's questions, which is helpful. Apart from a live chat, you can also reach them at their email [email protected]. If you did pay and decided to cancel your order, a refund is only possible if the package has yet to be processed. If it has already been processed, a refund is not possible. No debit card is required to register or use an atrial account. They charge you a standard recurring fee based on your account type.

Score: 4/5

Pros and Cons of SocLikes


  • The traffic is organic

  • Website is safe

  • Affordable packages

  • Fast delivery

  • Great discounts

  • Great customer care

  • Provides services all over the world


  • No money-back guarantee

  •  No about page

FAQ about SocLikes

Is Soclikes safe?

 Yes, they are verified partners by the 2Checkout payment platform. All transactions are linked to the most secure payment system on the web. No credit card or bank details remain on their servers.

How long does it take to start the order after payment?

 All orders start within 1-6 hrs. However, some take longer, like the LinkedIn ones, which start within 12-72 hrs. Patience is key.

Can you get a refund if an order was placed by mistake?

 If the order still needs to be processed, yes, it's possible. If the order already went through, you need to contact Soclikes 24/7 live chat as soon as possible.

Do we recommend SocLikes?

 We do recommend SocLikes due to plenty of positive reviews from its users

This service received 4 points out of 5 on our evaluation scale, which is a decent rating for this market

Overall score:4/5

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