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UseViral Review 2023 - Is it safe or a Scam?  

 If you want to know how to buy likes on Instagram cheaply, then you should learn about services that will help you do so. UseViral promises to accelerate growth through social media advertising and marketing. They promise to give a brand's account the boost it needs to increase followers with their special techniques. However, there is such a popular question, does it work at all or is there no result from it?


Why should you buy a profile and account boosting service?

 This is quite a popular question because some people just don't understand why it should be done at all. After all, there are now a large number of better places to buy followers on Instagram as well as other social media platforms. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that it's pretty important because followers make up the bulk of your audience, and as you get more followers, your engagement and reach of your posts increases. The more followers you have, the more likely a person is to follow you and subscribe to you after viewing your account. This is because a person who has more subscribers looks much more legitimate and trustworthy. Also the number of followers is a good indicator of the popularity of the profile, i.e. the more popular the profile, the more likely you are, for example, to get into any kind of review. However, some social media platforms have promoted content that may appeal to viewers, so if a person has followers, they are bound to increase the reach of the posts. This is why social media engagement and view-buying services on Facebook are in high demand.

What is UseViral and what does it offer? 

 UseViral is something that automatically increases content reach and post likes. It is a hot offering of features such as: increasing viewer engagement and automatically removing spam without human intervention. It also answers the question of how to get more views on Facebook live. You can also allow it to interact with other people in posts on your behalf, which means you will receive messages from both parties. UseViral promises to speed up check-ins, increase profile engagement and so on. It also promises to increase the number of 'likes' and the number of real followers on Facebook.

Best alternatives

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How does UseViral work?

 In order to get comments on YouTube, you need to have a good understanding of the service. To get started with this service, you first need to visit its official website and read the detailed information. Next, you need to choose the right service, you need to choose what you want to improve: subscribers, likes, views and comments, and you need to choose the service that is presented on the website. Next, you need to enter the link to your Instagram profile, as well as other details about it, and select the message at checkout. The site itself will do the rest, and once the payment is complete, the company will immediately start improving your Instagram profile.

UseViral prices 

 All price information is available on the official website. However, you can check the prices of the leading and most popular services.

Likes on Instagram

UseViral offers several packages for likes on Instagram, starting at $1.47.

  • 50 likes - $1.47 

  • 100 likes - $2.97 

  • 250 likes - $4.99

  • 500 likes - $6.99

  • 1000 likes - $12.99

  • 2500 likes - $24.99

  • 5000 likes - $44.99

  • 10000 likes - $88.99

TikTok Subscribers

UseViral offers several packages for TikTok subscribers starting at $5.

  • 100 Subscribers - $ 5

  • 250 Subscribers - $9

  • 500 Subscribers - $17

  • 1000 Subscribers - $ 29

  • 2500 Subscribers - $67

  • 5000 subscribers - $ 129

  • 15,000 subscribers - $199

  • 25,000 subscribers - $399

Youtube Views

With this service, you can increase the number of likes, subscriptions, and comments on YouTube, as well as get retweets on Twitter.

UseViral offers a number of packages for viewing on Youtube, starting at $13.

  • 1000 views - $13

  • 2000 views - $19

  • 5000 views - $42

  • 10,000 views - $73

  • 25,000 views - $169

  • 35,000 views - $219

  • 50,000 views - $279

  • 75,000 views - $399

  • 100,000 views - $549

 Also, this company offers a completely free trial and you can get some discounts and promotions later on.

Pros and cons of the UseViral service site

Of course, every site has its pros and cons, but you can see that this service has a lot more cons. This can be seen in the list below:



This site offers its services on various platforms from Tik Tok to YouTube;

It is named as one of the most useful services for promoting sites like Onlyfans and buying Outlook user accounts. 


Firstly, this site doesn't look legitimate - all the good reviews look fake. It also has rather large and inflated prices, which is a bit suspicious. Also, there is almost no information about it in the public domain. Most of the real reviews show that you won't get any real followers - only bots and fakes.

Do we recommend UseViral? 

 Now it's time to answer the most important question of this article, whether we recommend this site to promote your profile on any social network. We can confidently answer that we do not recommend using this service, and we can justify our choice.

Firstly, if you look for reviews about this service, most of them will be negative. This is quite a strong argument, because when a customer makes a purchase from any online service, it is necessary to check the reviews beforehand.

After all, this is very important. and since at the moment there are quite a large number of scammers that in fact simply do not exist, this is important. Based on the reviews collected, we have formed our opinion about this service, and it is not a very good one. Almost all people report that they have given money and not received quality services in return. Secondly, the reason why we don't recommend using this site to promote their social media page is the lack of any information. For example, if you visit their official website, you might notice that they don't have enough information there. For example, they don't have an "about" page. This is alarming because a person will not be able to check how long the service has been operating, where it is located, whether it has any documents, whether it is legally located and so on. Also, this service does not have a chat support service so that you can communicate with their team.

Is UseViral legal? 

 It is difficult to answer this question because, as mentioned above, there is not much information about it on the Internet and there are no reviews proving its usefulness, so it is difficult to consider it completely legitimate. That's why we recommend to use more popular services, which have already established themselves.

Is UseViral real? 

 We also can't say for sure if you will get the audience growth you are expecting, because this service doesn't have any useful legitimate feedback from satisfied clients and doesn't offer a free trial. If this is the case, we can recommend you to use more trusted services.

Is UseViral safe?  

 We also do not have an absolute guarantee that this service is not safe to use. After all, they even have rudimentary reviews on their website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the service cannot even harm your social media account. Therefore, we also recommend using an alternative.


 In summary, we have told you how to increase retweets and real followers, likes on Twitter and other social networks. We can also say that we can't recommend this service to improve your profile on any social network. This is because there are no convincing reviews of this service anywhere and no information on the official website. Instead, we can recommend using alternative services to enhance your social media profiles.

 If you're still in doubt, check out the reviews and form your own opinion.

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