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Veon-Gram Review 2023 - Is it safe or a Scam?

 You should be much more creative to boost and market your brand on social media. With the improvement in technology and widespread use of social media by people interacting worldwide, social media users are doing all they can to increase social medial followers and likes.  

 Social media users look forward to increasing engagement in other areas, such as marketing.  So, Veon Gram claims to increase claims to enable you to buy Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube likes and followers.


 This begs the question of whether this online service is real or bots because social media platforms can detect bots which may lead to the closure of your account.  

 To get the best answer to these questions, we have prepared this review so that before you use the service, you do not fall into fake engagements.  Therefore, let’s get down and look at our review.

Why do you need promotion services?

 Why you may require to promote your social media account because getting followers, likes, and views is a tedious process, and gaining more followers will increase the likelihood of other people following you after seeing your account.  

 It is hard for social media users to notice your accounts and get to follow you.  Therefore, you need a process to enable you to gain more followers credibly and legitimately, thus saving you time.  And this is where Veon Gram comes in to help you.

What is Veon Gram, and what does the service offer?

 Veon Gram is an online service that allows you to purchase social media followers and likes to promote your account.  It works on all social media accounts, so after you buy the followers, you can buy Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube like and views.  

 With this platform, after you register, you choose the social media platform; you want to receive promotional services.  Moreover, this platform claims to offer affordable services to help you get more engagements.


 Some of the promises Veon Gram claims to offer include:

  • Fast delivery will see you receive your order as soon as possible.

  • 24/7 customer support-their customer service is ready to help you any time you contact them so that you continuously enjoy their services

  • 100% guarantee that if you lose the followers you had bought, you can raise a complaint, and they will resend them.

  • HTTPS - yes

  • Design - Average

  • Extra functionality - you can buy more than one service.


Best alternatives

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How does Veon Gram work?

Veon Gram is designed to enable you to buy social media followers, which is when you can promote your social media account.  However, you may be asking yourself how do I go about it to get started.  What you do is first register yourself with Veon Gram.  

 Then select the service you want to receive social media followers, for instance, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.  Followers will come to your social media account shortly after you key in your details and complete the payment.  

 Furthermore, this service allows you to use it as you want since any other sensitive information, such as passwords, is not required to get likes and followers.  

 So, you only have to follow those steps to receive followers and likes, thus increasing YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram views and likes.

 Veon Gram claims to offer real followers, and you can choose the amount of traffic you want which is cool.  Also, it offers guaranteed refill services at drop orders.


Veon Gram pricing

 Different prices depend on the social media service you want to purchase.  For Instagram, the pricing goes as follows:


  • 500 followers-$3.99

  • 500 likes- $3.49

  • 1000 views-$0.99


  • 150 followers-$1.79

  • 100 likes-$0.99

  • 2500 views-$0.99


  • 100 followers-$0.99

  • 100 likes-$1.49

  • 1000 views-$3.99


  • 50 subscribers-$3.49

  • 1000 views-$5.99

  • 100 likes-$1.49

Is it worth trusting Veon Gram?

 It is good for you to counter-check reviews on a certain online service before you decide to buy. Veon Gram does not have reviews, so you cannot know the customer response.  

 However, the prices are affordable.  We cannot advise you to check reviews for Veon Gram because there are no reviews on it, but you can try it and give the experience to others who want to buy its services.  

 We need to determine the rate Veon Gram rates at the review sites.  Aside from this, you also have to consider the payment method for its service.  With Veon Gram, you can make payments through credit cards and 

 PayPal so it’s convenient for all customers.   

 Fortunately, Veon Gram is a platform you can trust because it has an FAQ page, an about us page, and contact details through its e-mail.  

 Moreover, you can be refunded within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the service.  You must pay first and choose the social media platform for which you want the services. 


Pros and cons of Veon Gram


  • The prices are low

  • There is a high-quality customer support

  • Offer promotional services on various social media platforms

  • It has a life-long guarantee


  • There are no reviews so far on this, raising concern that it is fake

  • You cannot access the website without payment first

FAQ about Veon Gram

Why should you buy Veon Gram?

 With the competition across social media platforms to gain users' attention and influence, platforms such as Veon Gram are important to give you more followers.  In the end, you will gain more views and likes.

What is Veon Gram, and what does it offer?

 Veon Gram is an online platform that allows you to buy followers for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.  So, it allows you to gain likes and views on your account.

Is Veon Gram cheap?

 Veon Gram claims to offer the cheapest offers for followers, likes, and views.

Do we recommend Veon Gram?

 In general, we do not recommend Veon Gram for the following reasons.  Veon Gram has no review sites, so you cannot check any reviews before buying.  In this case, you cannot check its rating to see if it has a good rating.

Overall Score: 3/5


It is good to promote your social media account so that you can get the attention of the users and promote your brand.  Therefore, using online platforms to do this is good.  Though there are better platforms to do this than Veon Gram, you can try it and see if its services meet your needs.

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