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Viplikes Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or a Scam?

 Every day a new person signs into one or more social media accounts. Over half of the world’s population are active social media users. Social media has become the most useful platform to connect and exchange ideas. 

 The Internet has made it possible for people from different parts of the world to communicate through social media. Everyone wants their social media account to be popular, but that's not easy, especially when you are a newbie. Popular social media accounts attract more traffic and conversations that are good for business.

Why you need social media promotions

 Social media has become the new business stage. Today most businesses are conducted online. Business people and consumers connect through social media. 

 It would be helpful to have an active social media account to stand out among the millions using social media. Building social media accounts is a challenging task.

 It requires consistency, hard work, and patience.' Social media promotions help boost social media platforms and businesses within the digital platform. 

 Social media promotions work efficiently and fast and give quick, quality results.

What benefits are associated with social media promotion?

 Everyone wants their posts on social media to go viral. For your content to get popular, you need to push it. Social media promotion aims at making your social media content to the relevant consumers. 

 Your followers are your future consumers; therefore, getting the right followers for your platform is a significant accomplishment. The importance of social media promotion is:

Improving brand awareness

 Buying followers gives you're your account a lot of credibility. Many people associate with accounts that have more followers. When you have more followers, you have more people to talk to about your brand. A conversation about your ideas with people of the same interest becomes easy and fast through social media marketing. Your brand will have the right people to associate with it.

Saves time

 Building social media profile requires time. Much effort and attention are needed to develop the perfect shape to attract followers, comments, and likes.

 You get instant results that build your account faster when you buy likes, followers, and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The Faster your account runs, the quicker you can start conducting your business, saving a lot of time that you can use for other productive work.

Boosts profits

 Social media promotions are available for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Buying likes and subscribers for these media boost the authenticity of the forum. Any business conducted through such platforms is likely to pick up faster. Subscribers to your channel are your consumers. The more followers you have, the more sales you will make.

What is Viplikes, and what services does it offer?

 Viplikes is an online site that provides marketing services on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. 

 It offers products like buying likes, followers, and subscribers at a friendly cost. Viplikes provide professional services to your social media account that will look natural—giving your accounts the engagement required to elevate your business.

The website functions

  • HTTPS-Yes

  • Design- looks plain

  • UX/UI -the dashboard is not very inviting

  • Positioning -best buy site

  • Is there extra functionality-its not clear


Best alternatives

ALTERNATIVES           SERVICE           RATING         LINK
Viewsta Instagram      4.7 VISIT YouTube      4.9 VISIT Instagram      4.8 VISIT
SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How do Viplikes works?

  • The first step to working with Viplikes is signing up with the website.

  • Visit There is no option for signing in.

  • Contact a live support chat at the end of the page to make your order.

  • You give the kind of services you want help with, then wait for feedback.

  • A support assistant then gives you an offer with a discount.

  • Once you are comfortable with the offer, you give an email address to create a payment link.

  • Once payment is received, Viplikes professionals get into business to give results as soon as 1 minute.

  • They provide both natural and bot traffic.

  • They do not refund when a client decides to stop an order.


Viplikes Pricing

 Viplikes offer different prices for different services. Services like subscribers, likes, and followers are unequal across the various platforms. Some of the services provided are:


  • 50 followers- $0.99

  • 50 likes $0.99

  • 100 views $ 0.59


  • 50 followers $0.99

  • 50 likes$0.99

  • 100 views $3.99


  • 50 followers $0.99

  • 50 likes $0.99

  • 100 views 0.59


  • 50 followers $1.99

  • 50 likes $0.99

  • 50 comments $9.99

Is it worth trusting Viplikes?

 There are accounts present on review sites with good marks on Viplikes. 

 The website needs to describe the different payment methods clearly; however, from the home page, they accept credit cards. 

 There is a lot of information available on the website other thanthan the support information.

There needs to be more precise information on refunds on payment methods.

 There is no registration before payment. The support gives the step-by-step process of ordering work.


Pros and Cons of Viplikes


  • Provides services for various social media platforms

  • There are online reviews of the website

  • Cost friendly


  • Information on the different payment methods is not upfront

  • You cannot give your order without customer cares help

FAQ about Viplikes

What is Viplikes?

 Viplikes is a social media promotion website that offers services where you can buy followers, likes, and subscribers to boost your social media presence.

What type of traffic does Viplikes offer?

 Viplikes offers bots and natural traffic.

How long will it take before I gain followers?

 Once you make your order, it takes as early as 1 minute to start getting results, with final results taking a maximum of 3 days.

Do we recommend Viplikes?

 Viplikes site provides an avenue to purchase TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram views, followers, likes, and comments at a reasonable rate. 

 The site needs to be more precise about the available payment methods. The availability of customer support to guide you through your order is very encouraging. 

 The presence of accounts on the reviews makes the site look genuine. However, the fact that it is impossible to refund payment on a canceled order is questionable. 

 We find the site fair and recommend you be more vigilant when using the site.

Overall Score:2.7/5

  • Tranco is ranking this website high based on the traffic volume ()
  • This website offers payment methods which offer a "money back services"
  • People are giving this website positive reviews
  • We found a valid SSL certificate (source: Xolphin SSL Check)
  • The website has a "registered till" date far in the future
  • The site has been set-up several years ago
  • DNSFilter labels this site as safe
  • Checked for malware and phishing by Flashstart
  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS
  • The website is located in a high risk country.
  • We noted credit card charge prevention activities
  • This company seems to sell online social media fans & followers
  • This website has been voted to be a scam on Scamadviser