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Ytbpals Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or Scam?

 Ytbpals can boost your growth on YouTube and Instagram. It offers you YouTube views, subscribers, and Instagram followers. 


 While it can help you increase your metrics on these platforms, it is also important to understand whether these will be retained. In case you only get a short-term boost without any benefit in the longer run, there is no point in trying out the services by Ytbpals. Our Ytbpals review today will highlight every detail of this website and the social media packages it offers to help you decide.

Why should you buy a profile and account boosting service?

 YouTube and Instagram are becoming more and more competitive platforms. For the content creator, it can take years together to grow organically on YouTube and Instagram. While profile and account boosting packages aren’t a magic pill to grow overnight, but they certainly offer a few advantages:


• They help you grow faster.

• With better social metrics, it is easy for you to gain organic viewers, subscribers, and followers.

• Additionally, you can scale your account on social metrics by using larger media boosting packages. 

• Since such packages take care of your social metrics, you can focus on creating content that will further help you grow organically.


 Thus, the benefits of buying an account and profile boosting package are quite a few.


What is Ytbpals, and what it offers?

 Ytbpals website allows you to buy YouTube subscribers and YouTube views. If you want to test out the package, there is a free package available, which offers you ten YouTube subscribers.


 One distinction of Ytbpals is that it allows you to manually activate the package. That way, you can better control when your social media metrics receive a boost.


 In all the paid packages, you get email reports ensuring that you will always know when the package is completed or the current status of the package. You need not be in the dark about the package you’re opting for.


 Apart from YouTube subscribers, it also offers YouTube views. However, there is no way to test out the YouTube views package for free. Also, you can’t activate the YouTube views package manually. Once you place the order, there will be automatic delivery of YouTube views.


 Apart from views packages, the website offers you Instagram followers as well. It offers instant delivery of Instagram followers as well, if needed. The only requirement is that the profile must be public. Apart from that, you need not share your password. The automatic delivery mechanism means controlling the package to gain Instagram followers isn’t possible with Ytbpals.


 Now that you know the offerings of Ytbpals, it is time to know how it works.


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How Ytbpals Works?


Ytbpals is very simple to use.


Step one: log in to ytbpals:

 You can log in to the portal using the login/register button from your smartphone or your desktop. The website is completely responsive; therefore, you can use any device to use ytbpals.

 Once you log in, you can view the fields to enter your YouTube and Instagram channel details. It is best to enter the details in advance so that the delivery starts right away when you order the package.


Step two: choose the right plan.

 Using the navigation bar on top, you can go to the Instagram followers page from where you can buy Instagram followers, or you can directly choose the YouTube packages from the homepage itself.

 After you choose the plan, select the username of your Instagram channel (in case of Instagram packages) or the YouTube channel for which you are buying the social boosting package.


Step three: complete the payment:

 After that, you need to complete the payment, and the package will be activated.

 In case of packages that can be manually activated, you can do so from your dashboard once you complete the payment.


 Ytbpals also states that if they cannot deliver the package you order, you can claim a refund within seven days. However, the site does not highlight the exact procedure to claim the refund; therefore, you cannot trust the website to provide you with one.


 However, there is a temporary solution to this problem. You can opt for their free ten YouTube subscribers package to find out if the subscribers are up to the mark or not.


 According to Ytbpals, the views, subscriptions, and followers they deliver are from 100% safe and active users. They claim you will not get into trouble with YouTube or Instagram because you’re buying their account boosting services.


 Additionally, since they are from real accounts, Ytbpals claims that it provides you with better quality services than many other social media marketing companies.


 Now let's look at the prices of Ytbpals to understand if it is affordable or more expensive than other account boosting services.


Ytbpals Prices:

  • 15 youtube subscribers daily: $ 30
  • 600 youtube views: $ 10
  • 600 instagram followers: $ 15

 From the looks of it, this website might be affordable. However, this website's real test is through its customer reviews. Besides that, the long-term impact of the services also matters a lot. Before we share with you the opinion of other customers of this website, it is time to look at its pros and cons.

Pros and cons of the site service Ytbpals:


  • Simple interface
  • Value for money prices
  • Small packages available
  • Uses real users and profiles 


  • Offers only YouTube and Instagram boosting
  • Customer support is limited
  • Little impact on long-term engagement

Do we recommend Ytbpals?

 Ytbpals might appear legit. Sure enough, it might boost your metrics somewhat. However, its claims that it uses only real profiles and individuals to boost your metrics are not entirely true. Even if some profiles are real, the boost is temporary, and those users won’t interact with your account again once the package ends. That is why; you need to think again if you’re planning to buy a package from Ytbpals.


 Third-party sites like Trustpilot have around 50 reviews for Ytbpals. However, the average rating is 3.8, which is not that great.


 Scamadvisor states that Ytbpals might be risky to use. There are quite a few red flags.


 Thus, whether you’re looking to buy YouTube subscribers or buy Instagram followers, Ytbpals might not be a good choice after all. There are many other legit alternatives you can go with. 


Do ytbpals need your account password?

No, Ytbpals doesn’t need your account password.

How soon does ytbpals support reply?

Ytbpals can take 24 to 48 hours to reply to your support email. Sometimes, the wait time is even longer.


Ytbpals has become quite popular. However, when you order a package to boost your metrics, like to buy YouTube views, chances are you might not be satisfied with the results because of the short-term impact. Apart from that, the fact that not all genuine accounts are used can put your social media accounts at risk. That is why, instead of going with Ytbpals, it is advisable to choose an alternative.

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