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Bulkfollows Review 2023 - Is It Safe Or A Scam?

 The growth of social media use such as Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok has made content creators want more people to engage with their profiles and post content. This has brought about the need for content creators to buy more followers. Social media promotion services have thus increased to allow content creators to buy views, followers and subscribers. Followers make up your audience. So if you have many followers, then it means that many people will be viewing and interacting with your content.


 Social media promotion services allow users to promote their accounts and profile engagement by manipulating the number of followers, likes, views and even subscribers. Social media promotion sites like bulkfollowers.com provide content creators and social media users with the opportunity to grow their accounts and followers through their social media promotion services that are cheap and legit.

Why do you need to buy promotion services?


 Promotion services are essential for social media content creators for the following reasons.


 The more followers, the more the number of people who are interacting with your content. It is common for most people to check out the comment section or reviews about a brand before purchasing anything from the brand.


 This means that if your Instagram, YouTube or Tiktok page has many followers, then it means that people will buy the products that you are promoting based on the number of likes or comments you get when you post that particular product.


 You must buy followers, likes, views and YouTube subscribers to increase your account and profile engagement.


 When you buy followers, likes and views for your Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts, brands will be able to see that you have many followers and thus give you marketing jobs.

What is Bulkfollows, and what does the service provide?


 Bulkfollows is an (SMM) social media promotion and management service provider panel. It has been operating for over five years with millions of customer orders. It caters to social media users on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok and Facebook with the best social media promotion services at high quality and low prices.


 Bulkfollows aims to enable its users to track their followers, see how their followers engage with their content, and even boost the number of views, followers and subscribers in the user's account.


 Bulkfollows offers a child panel for free for beginners, and there is an elite, VIP and master members' panel. All these panels can be acquired easily through their website, which is relatively easy to sign up for since there are no bugs, and their dashboard design is easy to use with secured payments and users' information.


 It has fast service delivery, and you can order multiple services simultaneously.

  • HTTPS - Yes

  • Design - Good

  • UX/UI – Has an intuitive user interface

  • Positioning - is it a BestBuy site

  • Is there extra functionality - Multi-orders

Score: 3/5

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How do Bulkfollows work?

 Bulkfollows provide services, such as social media management of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts. It also allows users to increase traffic in their social media accounts by buying followers, views and subscribers. Getting a membership in bulkfollows is relatively easy. If you want to buy followers or subscribers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, you must do the following:


1. Go to the Bulkfollows.com

2. Sign up by filling in your details, such as name and account user name.

3. You will get an email link to verify your registration and login.

4.  Pick a payment method, for example, PayPal and add funds to your account.

5.  Select the service you want and increase your social media publicity.


 It gives you an opportunity for drip feeds whereby, if you purchase 1000 followers or subscribers, you gain a hundred followers or subscribers every day for ten days instead of getting all those followers at once.


 Bulkfollows provides you with all sorts of social media followers and likes, both real and bots, to boost your account.


Bulkfollows Pricing

Bulkfollows is highly recommended since it offers low prices and high-quality services.


  • 1000 Instagram followers 1.81$

  • 1000 Instagram likes 0.40$

  • 1000 Instagram video views 0.06$


  • 1000 YouTube views 3.00$

  • 1000 YouTube subscribers 0.50$

  • 1000 YouTube likes 0.66$


  • 1000 views 0.013$

  • 1000 followers 1.063$

  • 1000 likes 0.25$

Is It Worth Trusting Bulkfollows?

 Bulkfollows is worth trusting due to their high customer purchases and good reviews from trusted customers. Their services are also cheap and of high quality, with instant delivery for services ordered.


 The availability of various payment methods, such as PayPal and apple pay, makes it favourable for customers. The payment method is also secure, ensuring customers don't lose money. You have to register with bulkfollows before making any payments.


 In case you ordered and paid for the services and want to cancel, bulkfollows offers you a refund for cancelled orders.

Score: 3/5

Pros & Cons Of Bulkfollows


  • High quality of services.

  • Cheap service providers.

  • Services are regularly updated.

  • Money is refundable in case of cancelled orders.


  • Bad support system

  • Poor customer reply to complaints.

FAQs About Bulkfollows

Is bulkfollows genuine or a scam?

 Bulkfollows is a real SMM panel that has many customers, and it offers a variety of services to customers.

What services do bulkfollows provide?

 Bulkfollows offers management of social media accounts. It also allows social media users and businesses to buy followers, subscribers, views and likes on all social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Does bulkfollows refund money?

 Yes, bulkfollows refund money in case you cancel your order.

How can I pay bulkfollows for my orders?

 Bulkfollows has 14 different payment options. You can pay for your orders through PayPal, payeer, credit card, card link, payop, Payoneer, Cashmaal and many other payment options.

Do we recommend Bulkfollows?

 Based on our reviews, we would give bulkfollows 4/5 because of their high-quality services. The customer reviews are also excellent, and the prices are pretty affordable. Based on our evaluation, they have many payment methods secured, and the fact that they refund cash in case of customer cancellation of orders makes them a very trustworthy site for social media users to buy followers, views, and subscribers. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to increase their social media traffic.

Overall Score: 3/5

  • High-Quality product
  • Platform is cheap
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Services are regularly updated
  • Complaints about awful support and this service is scam