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Kingviews Review 2023 – Is It Safe Or A Scam?

 Social media development has made people in different careers think about making their careers at par with technological changes. 

 Nowadays, many people make money on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, and TikTok. 

 This has made many people monetize their social media pages, and others quit the tradition of 9-5 jobs. With good social media marketing skills, you can actually make more money online than someone working in an office. 

 But the truth is, social media marketing is not easy because your brand's success on social media is determined by the number of followers you have and how they positively interact with your content.

 Social media promotion services have thus come up to solve the social media content creators' need of wanting to grow their audience. 

 The social media promotion services work by selling bot or real followers, likes, views, or plays for users with Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Soundcloud accounts. 

 They mainly sell their services at a cost-friendly price, suitable for customers' preferences.

Why should you order services to promote your profile or account?

 Ordering social media promotion services is very beneficial to your account and brand because of the following;

It improves brand awareness.

 Your audience will increase if you buy TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud views, followers, or likes. Many people will be able to see that your brand exists. Hence your brand's visibility on social media platforms will increase.

It makes your brand grow.

 If you own a business account and want to grow your brand and increase the number of people buying your products, buying Instagram or YouTube likes and views will help show potential customers that many people like and trust your brand. This will make them purchase your products.

It boosts your ranking.

 On sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Soundcloud, videos with the highest number of views get ranked at the top of other videos and songs for people to watch or listen to more. You will be ranked higher than other users if you buy views, plays, and likes on your video or music track. This will help you grow as an individual.

It saves time

 Social media marketing can be tough and time-consuming if you don't have enough money. Using cheap and fast social media promotion services will save you time and energy in marketing your account.

What is Kingviews, and what services does it offer? is a platform that helps you grow your social media accounts like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Soundcloud. 

 They offer social media services that ensure your account goes viral and increase your overall engagement. They allow customers to buy followers, likes, views, plays, and subscriptions for their accounts.

 They claim that they have 24/7 customer care and deliveries begin immediately after the order.

The website has the following features.

  • HTTPS – yes

  • Design- good but looks expensive

  • UX and UI – the site is easy to use, with no bags that prevent the registration process.

  • Positioning- it's the best buy website for likes, views, followers, and plays.

  •  Extra functionality – they allow customers to multi-order services.

Score: 4/5

Best alternatives

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SMO.Plus YouTube      4.7 VISIT

How does Kingviews work?

 Joining Kingviews is relatively easy since no bugs hinder the registration process.

  • Go to Kingviews. Com

  • Locate the registration box.

  • Fill in your valid email address and password.

  • Add funds into your account and place your order.

  • Track your orders as you wait for delivery.

  • They guarantee refill of orders which can take 48 hours.

  • They also allow customers to choose the number of orders they want. This was an excellent option, according to us. The orders range from 500 to more than 1000 orders.

  • We also noticed that they sell real traffic.

Score 3.8/5.

Kingviews pricing

 The following prices have been extracted from the Kingviews website per 1000 orders of different services.


  • 1000 views 3.97$

  • 1000 followers 3.89$

  • 1000 likes 2.34$

  • TikTok

  • 1000 followers 5.98$

  • 1000 views 1.39$

  • 1000 likes 5.95$


  • 1000 subscribers 7.84$

  • 1000 views 6.90$

  • 1000 likes 3.97$


  • 1000 likes 2.99$

  • 1000 plays 3.59$

  • 1000 followers 1.99$

Is it worth trusting Kingviews?

 From our evaluation of the site, we can say that the site can be trusted because of the following;

  • There are accounts on the website with positive reviews, while others are negative, but the majority are positive.

  • They have an option of registration before making any payments or orders.

  • We noticed they have a good reputation since they refunded money for canceled orders.

  • Their FAQ page is also very detailed, with them answering essential questions that customers might ask.

  • However, we noticed that they only have two payment methods: credit cards and debit cards. This can be disadvantageous for someone who uses PayPal mainly.

  • We also noted that they do not allow customers to withdraw or spend deposited money beyond the site.

Score 2.9/5

Pros and Cons of Kingviews


  • A lot of information on the website.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard

  • They allow refunds

  • Fast delivery of services


  • Lack of contact information.

  • Few packages for customers

FAQs about Kingviews

What services does Kingviews offer?

 They allow users to buy followers, likes, views, subscribers, and plays from social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Do they allow refunds?

 They give refunds for canceled orders, but refunds should be reported within 72 hours after purchasing.

Is Kingviews real?

 Yes, the Kingviews site is legit.

Which payment methods do they allow?

 They allow Credit cards and debit cards.

Do we recommend Kingviews?

 In conclusion, we would recommend Kingviews if you want to buy followers, likes, views, subscribers, or plays on Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, or TikTok, because Kingviews have proven to be reputable among customers. 

 They have good reviews online from previous customers. They have also proven to be authentic since they refund customers. 

 Their page is Https protected with cookies. This shows that the site is entirely secure for users. 

 This service received 3.4 points out of 5 on our evaluation scale, which is a decent score for this market.

Overall score: 3.4/5

  • Cheap
  • Lot of platforms supported
  • High-quality customer support
  • Many positive reviews
  • Some complaints about low order delivery speed